2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: 3,401 Scarves to go for January

Whew!  I managed to get updated numbers for the states with January 2014 deadlines fast approaching, except for Wyoming.  Who happens to be the first January deadline on the 15th!


Scarf for SO Kentucky by MonicaRose51 (Ravelry)

Wait .. isn’t this scarf gorgeous?  The pattern is the Reversible Cables Scarf, from the Lion Bran site.  You’ll have to sign up as a member (free) of LionBrand.com to access the pattern.

Someday I’ll learn how to knit cables.  Really.  I bought the cable needles when I started to really get serious about learning how to knit, but have not tried it yet.  Someday.

So back to the topic … here’s where we stand with the January deadlines.  The 2014 Scarf Project page has also been updated.

KC4SO Jan14-10JanUpdate

Come on over and join us … We’ve got 3,401 more scarves to go …


2 thoughts on “2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: 3,401 Scarves to go for January

  1. I am sad to just find out about this, “now”. I had received an e-mail this past summer telling me Texas was going to continue the project, but had no idea many other states were as well. Hopefully, this will get more “publicity” if they are going to continue it for 2015.

    • Hi Cheri,
      You’re so right, that the more it is publicized the more people will know about it.
      The individual state programs can choose whether to continue the project or not. And then it is up to them if they want to publicize it. Some do, and that is why those states have been successful in meeting their goals.
      I have posted about the project where I can (Facebook groups, Ravelry, etc), even on the SO state Facebook pages and other websites.
      But since it is not an ‘official’ Special Olympics initiative, people see my posts as ‘just another crafting club working on it’.
      Hopefully it will be better in 2015. And we already have two state programs (Arkansas and Tennessee) who have selected their colours, so we can start working on their requirements earlier.
      Thanks for your support!

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