Hawaiian Flowers Progress

Progress on the baby blanket.


I opted to continue with variegated pinks as the contrast colour in the last round, and I’m joining as I go. I have a little bit left from the skein so I would say that you can make about 23 flowers from one skein.

I’m thinking that it’s going to need some serious blocking when done, because it’s not laying completely flat. Some of the petals are curling up on me. That could be me and my tension or the way that I’m joining the points.

Anyway, I like the way it’s going. No more frogging. Need to get this done and start on another layette.


7 thoughts on “Hawaiian Flowers Progress

  1. I like the way it looks. You are right about the tension though. I have tried the pattern and have had no problems with it curling. maybe try a size larger hook. I have to do that sometimes on my projects.

    • Thanks.
      I’ll try the larger hook, but then there’ll be this section that still curls up?
      I was also thinking that with a firmer or tighter yarn, then it would lay flat. This Bernat Baby Coordinates is soft and it’s crinkly, so maybe that also contributes to the curling.

  2. The colors are bright and vibrant. They are beautiful.I only know how to knit on a loom.so far, I sent in 9 scarves and I’m working on 4 more. I love this project because I feel like I’m helping a good cause, but the special Olympics are actually helping me. You see I have Parkinsons Disease and I need to keep my fingers moving. So thank you for letting me be a part of this special project.

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