Special Olympics 2014 Scarf Project: The Final Four

The final four … only four state programs with deadlines in February and March:  South Dakota on 20 February; Utah and Washington on 21 February; and Alaska on 1 March.

This scarf is for SO Utah – Dark Orchid and White/Aran.


Sorry for poor quality again – the only time I have time to take photos is at night.  Mornings are such a rush, even on weekends.  And if I don’t take the picture and post soon, it’ll never get posted …

Anyway, I decided to do this in crochet tapestry.  It’s just a simple three dc in orchid; change yarn to white and 3dc in white; change yarn to orchid, all the way to the end.  Crochet in the pattern for three rows, then alternate the colours for another three rows.


The whites ended up looking like stars, or snowflakes, which was a delight to see.  I had almost given up on the pattern, it was starting to feel a little tedious to me, so I broke up the pattern and crocheted three rows of dc, before starting up the pattern again.  It doesn’t look so bad now.  I’m thinking to alternate that with white as well, but we’ll see where my whimsical mind takes me.  I’ve got so much on my mind these days, that even though I start off with a pattern in mind, it changes three inches into the project …

We’re making a big push this last week to get scarves done and sent to the four states. Complete information can be found on this page.


2 thoughts on “Special Olympics 2014 Scarf Project: The Final Four

  1. Today I sent 6 scarves . Two to Utah, two to South Dakota, one to Washington, and one to Alaska. I will keep on working on Washington. Next week I will start on 2015.
    I received a thank you card from a young man in Utah. My eyes were filled with tears when I read it. It now hangs on my refrigerator. Thanks!!

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