Tapestry Repairing

With all the rolling and wrapping around it, and just general wear and tear, I wanted to update my Tapestry blanket by adding another inch on the border.  After I had finished working on the length, I wanted to be done with it after working on it for so long, so I single crocheted just an inch around for a border.

Looking at it now, it’s about a foot longer with all the stretching that the boys put it through, and getting narrower, so I decided that I would work on the border … and found this :


A hole !   *gasp*


I can’t tell if it’s a join that has fallen apart (I didn’t know the proper way to join back then), or if toes have poked through it, or if some little critters – one of them sitting right there … have bit and chewed on it …


So now I am off in search through my tubs and boxes if perhaps there might be a scrap of left-over yarn in these colours … as well as experiment and research on how to repair stitches in the middle of a piece!


Always something new to learn, isn’t there?

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