How WIPs are Born

Remember my WIP from this post? After I finished one ball, it turned out too short for a scarf, and even with joining ends together for a cowl, it was too narrow. So it was frogged and put away *sigh*

But then I saw the Augusta Shawl and wanted to make one. I decided that it was the time for this yarn – Drops Big Delight, in Sunrise – to be made into something, because every time I saw the wound up ball, my fingers itched to make something with those gorgeous colours.

I started this on Super Bowl Sunday.


Two days later, I had used up the two balls, and this is how big it got.


*sigh* Still not big enough for a shawl. I will have to order another ball or two, to make the shawl a decent size so that it can wrap around me.  I went online to order, and they only had one ball in stock.  Not sure how much bigger that will make this, but I ordered it, anyway.


But I was still enjoying the pattern, so I picked up Lorna’s Laces Honour in PlayTime, and started another one. Not sure if I’m liking that colourplay, but I’m not frogging anymore.


And after using up both hanks of Lorna’s Laces, it also was not wide enough. I’ve looked everywhere to see if I can get another hank of PlayTime, but apparently it was a special colourway for Craftsy, and no longer available. *sigh*  So, what do I do now?  Maybe it’ll just have to be a scarf, not a shawl.

I start another one, this time in Lion Brand’s Amazing in Aurora.



I know that I have this yarn in the stash somewhere, and if I need another ball, it should be easy enough to find one. So this won’t stay a WIP for too long … we hope …



Hopeless, aren’t I?

And that’s how WIPs are born.


6 thoughts on “How WIPs are Born

  1. ok, I am so frustrated with this site, it keeps deleting my comments before I finish them! I have been where you are with not enough yarn! If you can find a nice white yarn in the same weight and type, then you can alternate between the white and the varigated yarn and it will stretch it out so you can get your shawl done. Or you can just use the white as an edging to make the colors really POP! I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you the shawl I have done that way.

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