Sunrise Sunset Shawl


I finally finished the Sunrise Sunset Shawl, using a pattern inspired by the Augusta Shawl.|

I’m so in love with these colours, ever since I saw a sunset in Entebbe, Uganda two years ago in oranges and purples.


The one additional ball of Drops Big Delight in Sunrise added just another inch to the width and length.   I could wrap around the neck, but the tips were ending just below my shoulders.  Opening the closet door, I saw the newly acquired Viking of Norway Odin Superwash – in pinks and purples.

Aha!  Big Delight had some purple in it, and the Odin purple was very close to the same shade! Wonderful coincidence, isn’t it?  So I continued on for another three inches and then finished it off.  Ta-dah!

It’s big enough to wrap around me, and it’s warm.  I think now that I should have used a bigger hook, so that the stitches are a little looser and lacier.  Right now, it’s a bit thick and bulky and doesn’t really drape on the shoulders.  But with this current weather we’re having, I just wrap it around my neck and cover half my face, and I’m good to go.


Wonder if there’s a lighter weight yarn in these same colours ….


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