Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project: We’re Off and Running!

Yes … the Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project has started!
I’m excited for this, and for the first time, optimistic that we will meet the state program goals for the items they requested.  With the previous years, I knew that we would meet the goals for two or three state programs, and certainly not for those with the large amounts requested.

But this year is different.  Seven – yes, seven! – state programs have announced their colours early!  Oh, it is so good to get started on these … before the summer holidays start … the new school year begins … the crafting for Christmas gifts … then the holiday chaos starts … and before you know it, the new year has started, and the deadlines are upon us.  At least, with these seven – and maybe more will announce colours before the summer starts – we can work on these all year long.  If others announce their colours later in the year, we’ll have enough time to work on those.

2015 KC4SO March 2014




So, if you’re in between projects, or want to make something quick, or need a portable project to take with you … here’s one that’s no stress.  Knit or crochet a scarf or headband for a Special Athlete.

Join us over on Facebook or Ravelry, and post your pictures.  It’ll be fun.



5 thoughts on “Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project: We’re Off and Running!

  1. Sad to say this but California, a state that refuses to join the scarf project, has yet to finish up their winter games. A couple of years ago, not getting any cooperation with the nor cal special olympics committee, I made all the scarves for the winter atheletes in Merced, Ca. It took some doing, and some help with the yarn from other parents and families. When all was said and knitted, I had made 45 scarves in just under 2 months when I was told that no scarves would be there if I did not do it. Can anyone tell me how I get Nor Cal in on the project? My eyes have gotten so bad I will be having surgery on both of them, so I was not able to do it again this year.


    Linda Nolen

    • Hi Linda,
      Since this project is no longer endorsed by the Special Olympics Committee as it was previously, the individual state programs can choose to participate or not.
      I just write to the Special Events Coordinator (or similar function) in the state program office/headquarters, and ask them if they would like to continue in the Scarf Project.
      For the NorCal program, it would be the same thing – they can choose to participate or not; it’s their choice.
      If you do ask them, suggest to them that it does not have to be scarves, if they feel that the weather is too warm for that. A couple of states are asking for headbands/earwarmers. Perhaps you can suggest this to them, and they might be more receptive.
      If you like, you can give me the contacts of the office there, and I can write to them.

      • Hi Rhonda – you can write to their Special Events Coordinator and ask if they would be interested in joining again this year. Last year, they had initially joined the project, but withdrew towards the end stating that they were not getting enough scarves for their requested 1,200. It was unfortunate, because the big push to meet the numbers comes towards the end when the deadlines are due. I try to encourage the offices to join in early and choose their scarf colours, but in the end, it is up to them. You are welcome to contact them, and let me know what happens.
        Thanks for your help and support!

        • Thanks so much. They are out of their offices due to the summer games. I’ll call them on Monday and see what I can get started. I’m taking over the program at my school starting in August and I’d like to get a jump on this.

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