Hooking to Relax

How do I know when I’m stressed out and anxious?

Because I just want to sit and play with yarn … crochet … knit … go through the stash … several skeins of yarn out so that I can work on several ideas at once, if that’s possible … start on the CALs and KALs …

It’s been a hectic and stressful week … late nights and early mornings. Hubby has left on a business trip … for one year … oh, that’s not a business trip anymore … ok, it’s a work assignment. We’ll see each other every three or four months, but the stressful days leading up to his departure has suddenly caught up to me. You know that feeling when some kind of weight is suddenly off your shoulders, and you’re left with a feeling that you need to do something? anything? Well, that was it for me.

I had been planning to start something new for National Crochet Month, but haven’t gotten around to it. So I think I’m just going to start small first, and eventually get inspired for the project for National Crochet Month.

So, I picked up hook and yarn, and was determined to relax … make something, anything, and create. And this is what I have come up … earwarmers for the Special Olympics Scarf Project.

Red and White for SO Arkansas.

Black and Yellow for SO Tennessee

I’m on a roll … and I’ve got ideas scrambling around inside my head.  I just can’t crochet fast enough to finish one and start on another idea … I think I’m in one of those frenzy zones, when I have to crochet something before the energy and the adrenaline runs out and when it does, working on projects slows down … 

Am I relaxed yet?  Nope …  my brain just flashed another design idea and my fingers are itching to pick up hook and yarn again …


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