National Crochet Month 2014

So … National Crochet Month 2014 has come and gone.

I had projects from the bucket list that I thought I could start on in March … they’re still lined up.

I had special yarn lined up (‘Romeo and Juliet’ from Expression Fiber Arts), waiting for that special pattern to work on, to commemorate National Crochet Month 2014 … I’ve gotten as far as winding it up.  I still haven’t found that one special pattern that calls to me to work with this special yarn.


I had signed up for CALs, and for sure I thought I would be able to start on one of them … I got as far as digging through the stash for possible yarn and colour combinations …

Nothing really worked out the way I wanted to last month.  It was a chaotic, hectic and stressful month.  My head wouldn’t stop spinning around and settle down long enough to concentrate on any pattern, and my attention span was shorter than a two-year-old’s.

But I needed to pick up hook and yarn and work on something, anything.  So I settled on quick, easy, and mindless project patterns to work on.  It satisfied the craving for my fingers to be playing with hook and yarn; and it was quick and simple enough that even with my brain spinning around, I could finish the project before my attention span wandered off again.

This is what I came up with.  Earwarmers for the the 2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project.  SO Arkansas and Tennessee wanted earwarmers.  And since I had the colours in the stash already, I didn’t have to spend any time choosing the colours.

so tennessee earwarmers3
This is my favourite earwarmer (so far).  All the others were semi-experiments with stitches and patterns.



I also started on scarves for SO Delaware (red, grey and white) and SO Indiana (red, blue and yellow).  I had to frog the SO Indiana scarf, though.  Crocheting with two strands of yarn together requires a larger hook, to give the scarf a little drape.  This one turned out a little stiff.  The scarf for SO Delaware came out shorter, because of those waves.  I’m just adding fringes at the end – I don’t want to frog that, seeing as how it came out so nice.


And I was still in the Augusta Shawl mood, and finished what I’m calling the Neon Playtime Rainbows version.  It’s made from Lorna’s Laces in Playtime, which was an exclusive colourway for Craftsy.  And of course, I only bought two skeins, which wasn’t enough for the shawl.  Digging through the stash, I came upon Lion Brand Microspun – and it had colours so close to the Playtime!  So I just crocheted around to give the shawl a little more length and width.  It’s hardly noticeable, isn’t it?  hmmm … maybe I’ll make another one with the rest of the Microspun.

And there you have my National Crochet Month for 2014.

As I write this, my head is spinning again … with more ideas for projects …



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