In Her Memory

Hello all!

I’m back … Actually, I’ve been around, trying to find my mojo, as they say, for crochet and yarn again.  There were so many things going on, and my mind was whirling round and round. Even now, as I write this, I still don’t have the urge to create.

Oh I’ve got plenty of ideas and plans; it just hasn’t translated all the way down to the fingers. I kept telling myself that it was time to sit with hook and yarn, and yet when I did, nothing came out of it.  I would crochet a few rows, then frog it.  I would try out new patterns, and then frog it.  I looked through pages and pages of patterns on Ravelry and on internet for inspiration.  I looked through pages and pages of websites selling yarn, looking for that colour or colour combination to hit me, for the new yarn that I just had to try.  Would you believe it that with all those sales going on, I did not purchase any yarn.  Nope.  Did not hit that ‘add to cart’ key.  Ok, so maybe because I’m on a yarn diet and budgetary restrictions may have factored into that. But has it really gotten so bad that not even a sale or seeing all those gorgeous colours or new yarn could entice me?  This must really be bad …

Maybe as we settle down into summer, my mind will settle down as well, and I’ll pick up hook and yarn again.  Maybe this will help transition me back into yarn creations …

This stash belonged to my Aunt Leticia, who recently passed away.  She was also my yarn stash co-conspirator. Yep, I’ve told Hubby a couple of times that the yarn I bought was for her, and that she would pick it up from me next time she came over.  LoL … yeah it was that bad in the beginning. And it was partially true … she did pick up a couple of skeins or so when she would see something in my stash that she liked.  But she had better control than me, only buying yarn for projects that she was working on, so there were only two bags of color combos that she had plans for – the purple and variegated blues-greens-purples, and the pumpkin-gold-coral-chili reds.  That dark spot underneath the pumpkin is actually brown yarn, which didn’t come out well in the photo.


The finished blanket underneath has already been claimed by my oldest son. The other blanket looks to be a scrapghan in the works.  All single crochet – she liked single crochet, and sometimes double crochet.  And that was all the hooks and needles she had.  Four crochet hooks and two sets of knitting needles.  She didn’t knit; I think it came with a bag of yarn that somebody had given her.


So, with this new stash that actually means something – not just a simple purchase from a store – I want to make something with these in her memory.  With this amount of yarn, it would have to be some sort of scrapghan, or motifs.  Perhaps those hexagon motifs that I’m always talking about.  I saw the variegated and purple, and thought of African Flower motifs.  She liked African flowers – she always had pots of those plants in her garden.

Yes, maybe that … in her memory.






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