Minion Mania

So … this is a project a year late. The movie came out last year (?), and I saw minion patterns and finished minions springing out all over. So I commented about it and showed the boys … and was promptly requested to make one for them.

Huh?? The boys are asking me? to crochet them something?? What’s happening? Is the world spinning around too fast?

Well, I was a little delighted that they actually think I’m good enough (now!) to be able to make a minion … Well, of course I can read instructions … I should be able to make one with no problem! Right?  So I bought the fiberfill stuffing, and the yarn.  And there they sat in the corner, until some months ago, when I was watching WIPs waiting to be picked up again, and yarn that I was itching to start playing with … and I decided maybe I should try to make a minion instead.

This little fellow took me about a half day to make.  Crocheting the different body parts didn’t take me long.  Stuffing him didn’t take long.  Putting him together?  Well, that was a different story.



My first try at putting the parts together ended up sort of crooked, said the boys.  Even the mouth was crooked.  Really?  So I took him apart, and put him together again … body part by body part.  *sigh*  In the end, I got him together the way the boys liked it.

Good thing too.  I settled for one big eye, instead of two.  I was getting tired.  I see a jogged line, where the colour change happened.  No, I didn’t want to unravel all that to make a seamless colour join.  I didn’t have felt to make the eyes.  So I crocheted them instead.  The eye doesn’t quite look round, but it’s going to have to stay that way.  Put together like this, they didn’t mind all that.  They have a minion.  And who has claimed this as their own?  Hubby.  Now I have to make another one for the boys, this time with two eyes.  *another sigh*  Now I know why amigurumi doesn’t appeal to me …

So I started a minion hat instead …





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