What Would You Do?

I decided to browse Craigslist and see what they had for yarn sales … and came across this …

“From the estate of a prolific knitter … ”

craigslist posting

Come on … $100 for hundreds of skeins, filling 45 boxes?

Ok, so it was posted in early June, but it was still up, so maybe it was still available …??  My pulse rate went up, my heart started racing, hundreds of thoughts rushed through my mind … would I really get this? could I? dare I? where would I store it? I could rent storage space … what would the boys say? why worry about what they would say … who was this lady, amassing all this yarn? I guess she passed away, which is why they’re selling it … What did she knit? or crochet? …

I called up the number.
“Oh, it’s all gone!  Somebody from New York drove up and took the whole lot away.”

*sigh*  That could have been me! … but I found out about it too late … And it was what I had thought of before – that if somebody was selling their yarn inventory for a good price, I was going to go for it and get the whole lot … Or would I?

Now that my heart rate has calmed down to its normal rate, I can sit back and really think about this.  Really, hundreds of skeins of yarn – what would I do with it?  Yes, I would give it away to all who wanted it, the charities and causes that I work with, but from the looks of it, there would still be a good amount left.  It would have added to my stash nicely.  But really, where was all that going to sit in the house?

I can hear the boys already … ‘Mom!!  More yarn?!’   But this was bigger than just ‘more yarn’.  And if I had this much yarn in the stash, I wouldn’t need to buy any more.  I would be buying wool instead … lol

Well, it was a good dream while it lasted …



2 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. Let’s just say IF you did end up buying it, I have a suggestion on what you could do with it. Before you give them away to charity and any one else who wants some yarn, you can take all those yarn out of their boxes and throw them into a room to make a pool of yarn, you know…kind of like those indoor kiddy playground with a pool of small balls? Yep, ‘cos that’s what I’d do…and I’ll sleep in my pool of yarn till I had enough, then give them away 😉 Just saying…one can always continue day dreaming about a missed opportunity :p

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