Ambitious Intentions

Hello all!
Back from a short holiday to spend some time with family, and now trying to get back into the routine … before the start of school and the chaos of the end of year events!

I was very ambitious when I packed yarn and hooks and needles for the holiday … I had actually started out with a short-row shawl.


That’s my new stitch/technique learned – the short rows – and I’m enjoying it. Until I found that I dropped a stitch on one of the turn-backs, and it had a big hole in the middle. So I started to unravel row-by-row, but nothing was cooperating … so I frogged the whole thing instead.  Yes, that big piece, which got bigger as I worked on it during the plane ride.  Frogged.  *sigh*

So I decided to try the Multi-Dimensional Scarf that I found on Yarnspirations, with another skein of yarn.  It didn’t work either, then I had a brainwave.  What about a diagonal brioche stitch?  This is what I came up with.


I was liking it, the way it looked and how it was all working out even though I was just winging it. Then something went wrong again, and the pattern got mis-aligned … And so it was frogged *sigh* It must be all that sunshine and sitting by the pool.

But I didn’t give up.  I decided to try it again, but this time, I kept close attention to what I was doing, and counted out the stitches and the yarn overs … This is what it looked like then … Not the same as the first time … Has that ever happened to you?  It worked perfect the first time, then the second time you try the pattern, it looks different!


This isn’t looking too bad, actually.

Now I can’t decide whether to make it a diagonal shawl, or rectangular, which means I’ll have to start decreasing at some point.  hmmmm ….






How do you like this?

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