2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: SO Alaska

SO Alaska is the latest state program to join the Scarf Project. That brings us to a total of 14 participating states for the 2015 Scarf Project !

Their chosen colours are the same as last year’s – red and black.  So if you didn’t have time to send in your scarves from last year and you still have them, now’s your chance to send them on to them!  lol  This year too, they are also asking for hats, headbands and earwarmers in addition to the scarves.  Apparently they were popular with the athletes last year.   I think that’s great!  These are small, quick projects, and will help meet the requested numbers faster!

The latest information and details on this Scarf Project can be found here.   I update this page as I get the information from various sources.

red and black2

Scarf by Barbara M

I think this will be the final list.  I don’t think that if any other state programs decide to join now that we would be able to get a good amount of items done for them.  We already have 9,505 items to make, and the first possible deadline is coming up 1 November (SO Iowa).  That will be extended if they don’t get enough items by then.

2015 KC4SO

You’re welcome to come over and join us.  There’s also groups on Facebook or Ravelry (links on the sidebar) working on this.  I’m sure you can find a colour combination that you like to work with.  🙂




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