On a Fringes Roll

I actually finished a lacy stole in record time – four days total! And that was because I was sitting in a plane for eight hours round trip! So I was right – if I sat and crocheted all day uninterrupted, I would finish faster! LoL
Anyway …

I finished the stole and decided it needed fringes – a rectangle, even with the lacy pattern looked plain to me. So I added fringes, even though I usually don’t use them.

I usually knot two fringe strands together to make sure it doesn’t unravel.

The remaining length after knotting still looked long, and I couldn’t decide how long it should be. So I knotted a second row.


Hmmm … I think I like the way this is looking now. I’ll just trim and tidy up the knots a bit, and it should be done. I’ll post the finished product later.


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