Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project Heats Up

The end-of-year festivities and deadlines are coming up soon.  The Special Olympics Scarf Project is heating up, in between the holiday crafting.  Here’s the latest update on the project.

*  SO Iowa is the first state to reach its goal.  They received 630 items, more than they requested for.  If you have completed items for SO Iowa, please don’t send them in.  You can donate it to another charity of your choice.
Or, you can hold on to it and send it in for SO Oklahoma 2016.  Their colours are crimson and white/aran.  The claret is a close match – a little darker, maybe, but mixed up with all the others, I don’t think it’ll be noticeable.

*  SO Arkansas needs 455 more headbands/earwarmers by 1 December 2014.  They’re up to 845, as of the last update.

* SO Tennessee needs 72 more headbands/earwarmers by 15 December 2014.  They’re up to 128 as of the last update.

*  SO Kansas is now accepting hats/beanies.

*  SO Texas is now accepting hats/headbands/earwarmers.

*  SO Utah is still on hold; they will probably announce by late December 2014 if they’re continuing with this or not.

Updated information on the SO 2015 Scarf Project can be found here.

2015 KC4SO

And to help inspire you, here’s what the talented and creative crafters have been making for the Scarf Project.  Come on over and join us; the fun is just beginning.



10 thoughts on “Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project Heats Up

  1. How do we send you photos to share? I’ve been having fun crocheting black headband/earwarmers for Alaska with big red roses.

  2. When is the overall roster going to be updated? I have been sending scarves in to several states. The roster I see is from 11/14.

    I’m going to start working on some scarves for Washington State, unless they have met their goal??


    • Hi – I’m just getting the updates back now from the state offices. There are some states that have met their goals, and several states with upcoming deadlines that still need to meet their goals.
      Washington State has not met their goal. As soon as I get updated numbers from their office, I will update this page.
      Thanks for your help and support.

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