Fancy Diamond Fringe Stole

Ok, here’s the cleaned up and completed lacy stole.

The pattern is the Long Lace Stole pattern.  And after many frogged WIPs, I finally found a pattern for this Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn in Winery.  Sometimes, you don’t need a complicated pattern; a simple pattern will do.

I don’t do fringes much, and I wasn’t planning on adding any once done.  In my head, they use up a lot of yarn (and they do), and I normally don’t buy more than three skeins of the same colour, unless I have a particular project in mind.  But after I finished crocheting this on the plane one hour before we landed, it looked like it did need the fringes at the ends.

I would normally tie that second knot right up by the border/edge, securing it in place.  This time, I tied the knot about an inch below the edge.

After I finished, there was still a good length of the fringe left.  Not wanting to waste so much yarn when trimming it, I tied another row of knots one inch below the first set, taking two strands from the left and two strands from the right, resulting in a diamond pattern.


I was liking how it looked, so I continued on.

Here’s how it looks like, when worn (as modeled by Charisse).


I didn’t block it; maybe I will, at a later date.  Right now, it’s done just in time for this cold weather blowing in!






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