Cowls into Capelets

My first finished products of the year – capelets !

I have been wanting to make a hooded cape for the winter.  I looked everywhere for the right pattern, and found it in the Long Hooded Cape, from Maggie Weldon.  Then, it was to look for the right yarn.  I had yarn in the stash, which I thought would be enough for the cape, but upon pulling it out, I wasn’t too sure about the colours again.  It was variegated, and although with long colour changes, I wasn’t sure about how it would look when worked up.  Since I couldn’t picture the finished product in my mind, I put it aside for the time being.

Looking through a magazine – the Crochet! Magazine 70+ Gifts in 1-2-3 – I came across a pattern for a cowl that looked easy enough and quick to work up.  I had just bought Isaac Mizrahi’s yarn – the Carlyle in Astoria – a beautiful, soft black yarn, speckled with red and silver metallic thread.  I thought the cowl would look good with that yarn.  Of course, that was not the yarn called for in the pattern, but I kept the same stitch count – and came out with a cowl capelet instead.

And it did come out nice – after I had frogged it twice, because the first time, I kept increasing the stitches, and it was coming out lopsided, and the second time was because I ran out of yarn …



Charisse kindly modeled – hmmm… we forgot to take a picture with the neck a little loosened, so that it would drape down, like a cowl neck.  Maybe next time.

I had wanted to make this a little wider too.  On hindsight, I should have made it shorter, so that it could be wider – I had frogged it once already, anyhow, and starting over for a second time.  But I didn’t think of that until almost the end, and I didn’t want to frog for a third time.  I went back to Michael’s, specially to purchase more of the yarn … and they didn’t have any more on the shelf.  They were just starting to restock, but I couldn’t wait there all day, and I couldn’t return again any time soon.  So I went wandering up and down the aisles to have a look, and found Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, in Starlight.

So I purchased that instead, and started another capelet.  Since this was super-bulky yarn, I started out with 15 less chains than the original pattern.  It came out really nice and thick, and warm.  I tested this by going out in below-freezing weather, wearing a thick sweater and this over the sweater.  I was out only for short periods at a time, but it kept me warm – and without the hassle of a thick jacket or coat.  Here’s Shree modeling the thick capelet.  The neck part didn’t fall and drape soft enough for a cowl, but it was still doable.  We folded it over instead, which gave it another look.

Both Shree and Charisse went home with the capelets – my belated Christmas gifts to them.

And I’m still left with making one for myself …


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