2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Deadlines Are Creeping Up !

The January deadlines for the Scarf Project are upon us.

There’s a flurry of activity to start sending in all those items, so that the state programs can get an accurate count of their items for the Scarf Project.  The numbers look good for a lot of them.  I do believe that more states will meet their goals this year.  Yaaayyy!!

Here’s the summary:

– Iowa – completed

– Arkansas – headbands; completed.
Scarves – 25 more needed; deadline 24 January 2015

– Nebraska – completed

– Tennessee – completed

– Delaware – 46 more scarves need; deadline – 30 January 2015

– Texas – 1,800 more items to go – deadline:  30 January 2015

– Kansas – deadline:  19 January 2015

– Kentucky – 450 more scarves to go; deadline – 16 January 2015

– Maine – 100 more scarves needed;  deadline – 19 January 2015

– Indiana – 450 more scarves needed; deadline – 31 January 2015

I haven’t heard if any of these states are extending their deadlines.  In any case, most of them hold their winter games in January and early February, so it is most probable that they will keep the deadlines.

Not too far off in the future are the February deadlines.  A little more time to work on them, but those dates sure creep up fast!

– Wyoming – 32 more items needed; deadline – 1 February 2015

– Alaska – 370 more scarves needed; deadline 15 February 2015

– Washington – 735 more items needed; deadline 16 February 2015

– South Dakota – 400 more items needed; deadline 20 February 2015

As with previous years, there’s an avalanche of packages that are received at the state program office closer to the deadline date, which will push these numbers up closer to their goal.  As of this posting, I know that many more are mailing in their items.  If you do have completed items for the Scarf Project, please do start sending them in, so that they can get an accurate count of what they have.

More information and details can always be found here.  If you’re on Facebook or Ravelry, you can also get updated information on there.  Click on the links at the right hand side to take you to those groups.

Thanks for all your help and support!

2015 KC4SO


2 thoughts on “2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Deadlines Are Creeping Up !

    • Click on the link to take you to the page.
      Or you can go to the top of the page, hover the tab ‘Special Olympics Scarf project’, and select the 2015 Scarf project.
      Thanks for your help and support.

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