Adding to the Bucket List

This was going to be about what has just jumped to the top of my to-do list … but then I had a flash-bulb  moment about the crafty to-do list vs the bucket list.

We use the ‘to-do list’ every where in life – in the office, household chores, errands … So that means these are the things that need to be done, and will be done.  I’ve seen it on the knit and crochet forums as well – somebody posts a pattern, and many exclaim that it’s now on their ‘to-do list’.  I’ve done it too. But on second thought … am I really going to make that item?  Or am I just adding it to the collection of ‘wish I could make those items’?

Last year, I had posted about my bucket list – those projects or patterns that I have decided that I want to try, and will make some day.  I suppose this can also be called the ‘wish list’.  No, the crafty ‘wish list’ are those items that I wish I could do, but lacking the expertise and knowledge, I know I will never be able to make and will not even attempt.  Hmmm … but maybe I shouldn’t say ‘never’ either … there’s items on the bucket list that I said ten years ago I would never make, and there they are on the list …

Anyway … now that I’ve got all that straightened out in my head … this is now on my bucket list … a Mandala Crochet Coat.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  It can be found on – it’s already sold out.  A post on FB says that they’re making another one in black.

mandala coat

The scarf and hat I can handle – just make it with super thick bulky yarn.   And since making a cape was already on my to-do list, so  this isn’t so far from it.

It’s beautifully designed.  The site says that it’s a knit cardigan – that would be the front and sleeves.  The back is a crocheted floral mandala, and looks like the borders around is also crocheted.  Then hand crocheted tassels at the edges.  What are hand-crocheted tassels?  A string of single crocheted cords?  Hmmm … the sleeves and the outer border look like the same pattern, so then maybe stitches are picked up and then knitted around?  Looking at the photos close-up though, it looks to me that even the cardigan itself is crocheted.

The pattern isn’t available – maybe not yet.  I’m sure there’s similar coats out there, with similar constructions.  Maybe I can try one of those first … and come up with my own mandala design …


4 thoughts on “Adding to the Bucket List

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  2. This is the most beautiful Mandala Coat I have ever seen! I am extremely interested in purchasing the pattern for this work of art. Please, if anyone knows how or where to obtain the pattern, I would be forever grateful! Thank you for sharing.

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