My Happy Scarf


This year at the Vogue Knitting Live, I signed up for the class on the ‘Stashbuster Scarf’ woven on the rigid heddle loom.

I had already bought the loom two years ago, assembled it, and wove swatches.  But there was still something missing, so this time I decide that it was time I learnt it the ‘proper’ way.  Watching YouTube videos and following instructions on paper are all great, but I was still missing something and couldn’t get quick answers from videos and forums.  So off to class I went.

The class was taught by Deborah Jarchow, and she went over the basics of weaving and setting up the loom.  I ended up with an Ashford loom – I should have picked up the Cricket loom, which I have at home, but no matter.  After going through the yarn I had brought with me, we decided to work with the Lion Brand Microspun yarn for the warp and SWTC Bamboo for the weft.

I had picked those up at the last minute, after realizing that I might mess up bad and I didn’t want to waste the merino-silk that I had originally planned on bringing.  I was of two minds actually about this yarn – I wanted a worsted weight yarn, but I couldn’t find any that went well together.  This was a bit thin, and I already knew that working with this would take some time to finish the scarf.

Anyway, we proceeded to set up the warp …


It wasn’t looking so bad, once we got going.  I was picking up tips and tricks during those ‘teachable moments’, and kept getting up to go over to the other table to watch how to fix a loop at the edge, how to attach new yarn at the weft, how to fix a skipped warp, not to pack it in so tight, unless I wanted a stiff scarf, etc.

Then, my OCD kicked in … it was getting a bit boring just using that one yarn as the weft.  What if I started adding the same yarn as on the warp? So I picked up a solid – the purple – and wove that in. That’s the dark block there on the scarf … Certainly a different effect.


In the end, I didn’t finish the scarf and time was up.  It was only half the length done.   I took it off the loom and when I got home, I set it up again on the loom.  Deborah did say that I couldn’t work on it again, once taken off the loom.  But it was a practice scarf, anyway, so I set it up.  Well, for one thing, the tension wasn’t the same.  You can see that from the crooked lines.  I also lost the rhythm of the spacing on the weft – maybe because the tension was different too … and it was already late in the night.

Anyway, that’s my Happy Scarf – named by fellow weavers in the class because of the colours. I’ve water-blocked it, and I just need to clean up the ends.  Now all I need to do is work some more on the loom, and I should have a decent-looking scarf to actually use …


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