Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2015

This is my third year attending the Vogue Knitting Live event here.  I had sort of decided not to attend this year, because I had spent more than I planned to last year – hmmm, now that I recall, I didn’t post about last year’s outing – I think I was in shock at how much I had spent at the end of the day.

Anyhow, this year, the class on weaving on a rigid heddle loom was still open, so I signed up for it. More on that later.  During the lunch break, I took a tour and took quick snapshots of what was going on.  I had planned to walk around some more after the class, and if need be, return the next day to take my time walking around.  And as usual, none of those happened, so it was a good thing I had walked around during the break!

Here’s snapshots from my walk.

Macrame is back!  I enjoyed that, during one of the art classes in elementary school.  Not as big as this, and definitely mine didn’t look so organized.  Mine was just a tangled mess of rope and knots. lol


Can’t remember which booth this was, but I love that pattern and texture …


Caught the tail end of the Classic Elite Yarn fashion show …


And came upon Dragonfly Fibers booth!  Oh my … such temptation … all those colours are gorgeous – and that’s only half of it!  And I couldn’t wait till later, so I picked up two of their kits …


The 7 Wonders of the Yarn World – minus one.  I didn’t see Stonehenge – how could I have missed it?


I want this in my living room!  or maybe the bedroom … or the den …


Yarn bins and buckets on the floor – I almost picked up a bucket to take with me!


Walls of yarn … that I wish was in my house instead …


… and shawls and wraps are still trendy, from the number I saw hanging on displays …


… and someday, I hope to be able to make one of these!

… and I wouldn’t mind getting lost or covered up with bags and skeins of wool … would you?



4 thoughts on “Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2015

    • Yes, it’s an awesome event. If you have a chance to go to one, or any of the other ‘yarn conventions’, go to one. It can be overwhelming – and all that yarny temptation to resist – but there’s so much inspiration everywhere you look.

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