2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Five States to Go !!

I am so excited with this project this year – there’s actually more states who reached their goals this year !!  Woo-hoo !!

Finally, after three years, the SO Scarf Project seems to have taken hold again, and more crafters have joined in.  SO Maine announced late last year, and I only found out by accident, but they didn’t have any trouble reaching their goal.  It really does make a difference if it’s publicized, even in local media.

Anyway … we only have five states remaining with upcoming deadlines to meet.  SO Texas, as usual with the biggest number requested, will probably get an avalanche towards the end of the month, and will hopefully get close to their goal.  The other four states look to be in good shape to reach their numbers too, with three-four weeks left to their deadlines.  By the way, hats, headbands and earwarmers also make a difference in meeting the numbers – these are such quick and portable projects (hint hint to any SO state offices reading this :))2015 KC4SO

KC4C Feb 2015 deadlines

There’s still time to send in items for the five remaining states.  You can also join us on Facebook and Ravelry (see links to the right).

And … we already have four states announcing colours for the 2016 Scarf Project!  So come on over and join in the fun !


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