On a Weaving Roll

I was on a roll … another woven scarf, mistakes and all …


Now that I knew a lot more about weaving and working with yarns on a loom, I wanted to keep on weaving, before I forget all those tips and tricks – I do have it written down somewhere, but it’s better that I keep working on it so that it sticks in my head.  Plus, all those other WIPs will call to me some time soon, either by necessity or because my brain wants to do something different …

This purple and green scarf was still on the loom, and I had to get it done before I could set up the Happy Scarf.  So I cut off the piece that I had, and retied all the knots and worked on the rest of the yarn on the loom.  What a difference!

You can see here where the tension was bad.  While it wasn’t so tight – well, maybe too tight for a scarf – it also wasn’t even, and you can see a bit of puckering. And I had been sliding the reed to pack in the rows too close, so it wouldn’t be draping nicely. IMG_8970

Here’s the new piece, after the class. Certainly more evenly woven and spaced.


Excitedly, I dug through the stash and came up with sparkly yarn.  Aha! I could use those too!

As I proceeded to warp the loom, I ran into trouble.  See – I knew I should have worked on the Cricket loom during the class!  I didn’t have the warping rods positioned correctly … I missed a slot in the reed … I forgot to thread the second row, through the holes, and had to untie everything … I must have worked on warping the loom three times, before I figured out what was wrong with everything and got everything set up right. And at the end of it all, this is what I came up with.


Looking so much better, after water-blocked.  I think I’m getting the hang of it … Can’t wait for the weekend to play around with more ideas …


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