Happy Scarf Part 2

As I looked at the Happy Scarf, I was thinking that I should make another one, but this time wider and longer.  And since there was no pressure to finish the scarf within the allotted class time, I could take my time to practise weaving.

So I took out all the colours, and added in the others that I didn’t use before, and started to warp the loom.  I yarndidn’t really have a pattern in mind, just to warp randomly with a vague idea on the colour repetitions and checkered boxes.  Soon after I started, I realized that if I wanted to use all colours, I would need to use only a few repetitions of the same colour, or I would run out of space.  Satisfied with my final warp, I continued on and tied the ends to the apron rods.  I used the same yarn and colours for the weft, and the same SWTC Bamboo yarn in between.

About a foot in, the first two and the last two warps started to get too tight.  And the left third of the warp started to sag.  I tried to fix it and wind up the tension.  It didn’t work.  I unraveled the warping rod, and tried to fix the tension from that end and wound it up again.  It didn’t work.  So I unraveled the whole thing and started again.  *sigh*

Starting everything over and finished with warping, I started weaving again.  About a foot in, it happened again.  The same ends, the same left third.  I unraveled again, and started over again.

It was about the fourth time of starting over, and finally the weaving and the tension were working well. Since the yarn was stretched thin, I purposely didn’t pack it tight, because then it would take forever to finish the piece.  I had miscalculated again – as usual – and had ended up with a 12-foot warp.  That was okay, considering that I had to restart four times, and lost yarn at the ends.

10-ft scarf 3

Then guess what?  As I worked on, the tension was off again.  The weave was coming up wavy, as I loosened and tightened the brakes.  *sigh* I was not unraveling this to start over.  What I did was to tighten from the top, instead of the bottom.  So it would pull up, instead of down.  For the most part, it worked well enough.  10-ft scarf

And the result?  a 10-ft scarf, about 10 inches wide.  lol  I soaked it for about a half-hour, (in hair conditioner; I didn’t have liquid fabric softener, so I thought that hair conditioner would work well enough.  Plus, it smells good!)  I thought that the yarn would fluff up a bit, and that there would be some shrinkage.10-ft scarf 2

So, did the yarn behave?  Nope.  It’s still 10 feet long, and not enough fluffiness.

ok … back to the drawing board …


4 thoughts on “Happy Scarf Part 2

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  2. Oh! I’m pretty sure that’s how the 5th Doctor’s scarf became known. A production artist just got into the groove of knitting and then realized that it was way too big, but Tom Baker wanted to wear it anyway. Now it’s a cultural symbol!

    Give it to the staff of Doctor Who and see if it’ll become the scarf for the cutrent Doctor!

    That scarf is beautiful though!

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