This is a long over-due post.  I started it before the cards came in, then when I got the cards I forgot I had this post.  So here it is, and the 10% discount is still good!

Thanks to What I’m Up To Today, I finally got some business cards/gift tags ordered from … plus a 10% discount!  yaaayy!!

These are for the charity/cause groups that I manage and coordinate.

Beware … they have other products that are too cute – like stickers!  I didn’t even think of that. I refrained from ordering those, but on hindsight, maybe I should have, since I won’t get a 10% discount if I do decide to get those later.  The discount is only available on your first purchase.  And for every person who clicks on the discount link here, and orders from them, I get some points to use towards the next purchase.  And when you order from them, you’ll get your own discount link to share with your friends and followers, and when they order, you’ll get your points … and so on.

So go over and have a look at their products … you’ll like them.


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