Changing Yarn Tastes

I’ve noticed for a while now that my yarn tastes might be changing …

When I seriously started amassing a stash many moons ago, I didn’t know any better about the different types of wool fibers, weights, 2-3-4-ply, etc.  I was on a high marveling at the many things that I could create with a piece of string and a hook.  And so it started with one skein, and I would use up every inch to make the most use of it, before buying another skein.  Pretty soon, I realized that for some projects, I would need more than one skein, and so I bought two.

And then it started … the many colours … the ideas running through my mind … the pattern accumulation … and pretty soon I had amassed a good bit.  And I was happy with it.


As the years went by and my knitting and crocheting skills improved, I started to branch out of the comfort zone and try new patterns, projects, all the while still looking for the good deals and sales to add yarn to the stash for that day when I would find the perfect pattern to go with it.  I developed a love-hate relationship with Craftsy and Etsy, trying out a skein or two of the higher-end yarns.


Koigu PPPM mini-balls

But over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed another change coming on. There’s times when I’ve actually gone into a crafts store and walked through the yarn aisles, and walked out with none.  None!! Imagine that?  Either none of the colours called to me, or I already had that type of yarn and colour, or I didn’t like what was out there … Was that possible?  Perhaps I’m getting older and looking into finances for retirement are now more in the forefront than before, or maybe I am now yarn and wool-savvy enough.  But I’ve noticed that I am now more picky about what type of yarn to work with and for which projects, and what I buy and don’t buy.  I had come to the realization years before that I would have to change the type of yarn that I usually work with (worsted weight and aran) to make those accessories that would drape and sit well (DK or fingering).  But since they cost a bit more, I didn’t look into those too much.  And these days, there are more choices in the market for comparable yarn weights, at a lesser cost, so I didn’t mind too much about buying the more-costly yarn.  But I’m noticing the difference more and more now …


Plymouth Yarn Miyushihi and Universal Bamboo

I don’t often buy yarn with a project in mind, but when I went on the last day of the Wool Walk, that was my purpose … to look for yarn for the pattern testing that I signed up for.  And that’s all I got, plus sparkly Cascade yarn that was on sale.  Of course by the time I started working on the test pattern, I changed my mind and used the Cascade Sun Seekers instead, and the Madeleine Tosh Light is still in the bag.  But that was ok too.

It wasn’t a yarn-buying frenzy any more, looking for the sales to stock up for the times when I may not have time or finances for the yarn therapy, or looking to add to the stash.  It was a purchase with a purpose.

So it seems that a new chapter in my yarn adventures is about to start … One where yarn purchases are now based on what I want to make, rather than just to add to the stash … It also means that my eyes are now drawn to the higher-end yarns … *sigh*  So much for my yarn budgets …


14 thoughts on “Changing Yarn Tastes

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  2. I also prefer high end yarns/fibers, but i love the challenge of inheriting antique fiber (which usually includes some acrylic) and transforming it into something useful and sellable. Medium is a big thing. Often colors I am not thrilled with make GREAT woven projects others love.

  3. Just this week I walked out of the craft store for the first time without yarn and was amazed that it happened. I don’t think the same thing would happen in a good yarn store though. Old habits are hard to break.

    • lol I remember that feeling the first time I did that. I was sort of stunned as I walked out of the store with no yarn in hand. You’re right though … there’s a lot of eye-candy in a good LYS …

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