Rediscovering Doilies

Spring-cleaning this past weekend, I opened a bag and found these … my first doilies from many, many moons ago.

Crocheting doilies were my practice projects.  Yeah, no swatches or blocks for me.  I didn’t know about that until several years later.  I also didn’t know then that yarn came in bigger sizes than thread. So yeah, you guessed it … I stashed up on thread.  But that didn’t last long …

After discovering that yarn came in all sorts of sizes, thread and doilies were eventually put to the side, in favour of worsted weight and aran that allowed me to finish projects so quickly!  Those were the good old days, right?  Now I’ve got about three projects waiting to be finished …

Now I’m thinking of going back to working with thread … and yes, I still have my stash from years ago … and bought some new ones in new colours too.  Ecru remains my favourite thread colour, but these rainbow hues and shades in thread are tempting me …


3 thoughts on “Rediscovering Doilies

  1. I started with just doilies too … And mercerized crochet was the only thread I knew! I’m actually still awkward with my first 100% acrylic & bigger hook! 🙂

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