Busco Gancho Lace

So … I signed up for a workshop on how to make the Busco Gancho Lace shawl.  I think it’s more of a CAL, but a workshop sounds good too 🙂   The finished sample shawl was made in a beautiful colourway, but what I really wanted was the pattern for the shawl, but it was only available to the workshop participants.  So I signed up … *sigh*   It promises that it’s not an ordinary triangle shawl, and that there will be more to constructing the shape than just a regular triangle.  So …

I know I have lace yarn somewhere in the boxes, but not in self-striping yarn, and I didn’t have time to go through the boxes to search for it.  Seeing these SWTC Little Star yarn in the WIP bag, I frogged it and decided to use it for this workshop instead. I didn’t like how they were working up on the needles anyway, and I had only knitted four rows, so I didn’t feel so bad about frogging.  Do you ever feel bad frogging a WIP?

We had to make two swatches – one with a 3.0mm hook (top swatch), and another with a 3.5mm The swatches came out bigger than I thought.  I thought this Little Star was a fingering weight, even a light fingering weight, but these came out big.  Or perhaps I was using the wrong size hooks.

I had planned on using the red-orange to start off, and then eventually transition to the red-purple, when I ran out of yarn, because as usual, I only bought two hanks, and it looks like this shawl will take more than that, even if I crochet with a loose tension. It should work.

So that’s another CAL I’m working on … as if I don’t have enough to do already!  But I think this will work up really quick … Stay tuned for an update next week!


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