Box of Goodies is Here! 

All the way from Lithuania!  I saw these colour ways posted in a yarn destash group on Facebook and was instantly drawn to them.  Nice, earthy colours, with a touch of blue, for the sky. 

They came all the way from Lithuania, from Twice-Baked Yarns.  It was described as fingering weight, but I think it’s more of light fingering, with four plies of thread together to make up a strand. 

At first I was thinking that I would make a woven blanket with this.  Those balls of leftover yarn would make a good weft. 

But now that I see the true colors and felt the type and weight, my mind is now thinking to make a shawl or wrap with it. Yes, I know, another shawl. 

So I’ll just sleep and mull over this until the weekend, and maybe by that time I’ll know what to do … Maybe I can do both … Hmmm …. 



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