2016 SO Scarf Project: The Last Five

We’re almost there … We’re working on the last five states to complete the 2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project!  whew!

This is what it looks like now.  I’m still waiting for updated numbers, so please do start mailing in your items so that the state offices can get an accurate count.

Complete information and details can always be found on the 2016 SO Scarf Project page.

KC4SO 2016

The most immediate is SO Texas – they’re about halfway to their goal of 2,500 items, so if everybody sends in their items now, they’ll come close to their goal before their Games start in early February.

So there’s still time to join us – either on Facebook or on Ravelry.

And if you weren’t able to participate this year, SO Texas has already announced their colours for the 2017 Games, so you can get an early start on that!

















2 thoughts on “2016 SO Scarf Project: The Last Five

  1. While 2016 is nearly over, for deadlines, when can we expect the 2017 list? I like that it was out early enough in 2015 for 2016 so we had the summer to work on scarves (too warm to work on afghans, other than squares, in the summer months). Thanks for keeping track of all these states and their color combinations!

    • Hello – some states have announced their colours for 2017, so I’ll be posting those soon. Some states don’t announce colours until the summer/late summer, but thankfully a few decide early on.
      Thanks for your help and support!

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