Why Is Yarn So Expensive in a Yarn Store?

A great article … It certainly helps explain or clear up the differences in prices. I realized after a while that I had to switch to natural fibers if I wanted my projects to end up looking like it did in the photos. Wool purchases are still a budget challenge, of course, but just as I did when I first started accumulating a stash, it’s building up slowly.

I would love to support LYS’s .. really, I would. However, I still encounter the glazed eyes when I mention that I’m looking for wool to crochet a shawl or wrap, and a hurried ‘Let me know if you need help’ as they turn away. Yes, it’s a little of the ‘knit snobbery’, and sometimes I laugh because, seriously? Just because I crochet doesn’t mean that I can’t use wool or higher-end yarn!
Anyways … let’s not ramble on about this pet peeve … Maybe another time …


When people come in our store, I can always tell the ones who shop in chain/discount stores by the way they pick up a ball of yarn, look at the price, and immediately put it down again in shock. I truly hope they never visit one of the shops in Beverly Hills that only sell fine cashmere or they might actually faint. Our shop sells a variety of fibers, at a variety of prices, but like any yarn shop, and even online retailers, our yarn is still priced above what you pay at Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics. Sometimes people are so rude I just want to tell them to stop being so cheap, but alot of the time, it seems like they simply don’t understand why it costs more than what they’re used to. I hope the following list helps in understanding what you’re paying for, regardless of what your budget is.

  1. The majority of yarn shops…

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