What to Start Next …

The countdown has begun to the start of the summer trip … Thoughts turn to what to pack – yarn, of course!  lol

Whenever I go on a trip, any trip, short or long, my brain thinks that I will have all that time to relax and start on a new project.  Sometimes, I bring a WIP to finish during the trip, but I always need to start on a new project for a trip.  I look back at the finished items and identify the places I’ve traveled to … like the Four Seasons Cowl that I started in the Congo.

So this time is no different.  And because the cold winds are coming back, my potential projects turn to the winter wearables … already??  I’m not done with summer yet, but I’ll never finish in time to use it for the winter if I start later in the year.  I’ve settled on actually making a hooded cape or a jacket this time.  So here’s my top three patterns – from Red Heart, Lion Brand and Drops.


Which one of these am I actually going to make?  No idea at the moment, because it will depend on the yarn that I have in my stash.  I’ve been good with the yarn budget this year, and there’s been no spending sprees on sales.  Purchases have actually been for projects in mind … hmmmm …

Anyway … all these patterns call for grey or light grey or aran colours …. do ponchos and capes have to be solid neutral colours?  I don’t have that much grey or aran yarn in the stash … A dive into the stash tonight is on the schedule.  I think I have a nice dark blue that I can use instead …




One thought on “What to Start Next …

  1. lol – I always pack lots of yarn, new and old projects when I travel. You just never know what you will be in the mood to knit! As for yours – I agree – capes can be any color. I have a bright red one I love, so you go for what makes you happy. 🙂

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