Weird Moods 

I was in a weird mood some weeks ago, since coming back from vacation and I bought the Caron cakes.

No idea why I was so obsessed with defending the Caron Cakes from all those who were ready to write it off without even trying it, or after crocheting a swatch and not liking it were so quick to trash it … Really?   I too was a little let down when it wasn’t quite the gradient yarn that I thought it would be.  But I didn’t have any problems working with it, and the colours and the texture and effect weren’t too bad.  So I continued with it, but I wasn’t going to write bad reviews about it, based on it not being the gradient colours … eeeesshhhh

A poster even called me rude because I didn’t answer what she wanted to hear … Really?   Was I too direct in my answer about not buying it if she had to think about ways to like it?  If you see a hank of yarn and you liked the colours and looks of it, you wouldn’t need any other reasons to buy it.   And vice versa .. if you saw a yarn and didn’t like it, you wouldn’t even think about buying it.  So why find reasons from other people to like the yarn?  Love it or leave it!   eeessshhh …

That’s why I’m mostly a lurker in those crochet and knit forums.  I think I’m helping somebody when they say they need help, but I think now that it’s really for the posters looking for validation and reasoning out when they’ve already made up their mind.  eeeessshhh …

End of rant.  I’m just going back to playing with my yarn …. I’m almost finished with this, I promise.  That’s the neck I’m working on now …



2 thoughts on “Weird Moods 

  1. I’m with you on this. I like the looks Caron Cakes is creating and can’t wait to get some! I realize it’s going to shine in bigger projects.. Like ponchos, Shawls, etc. but wouldn’t expect to get a showing of multiple colors out of it on a pair of arm warmers. It’s best effect was envisioned a certain way, and used the intended way it performs! A person should just buy the right yarn for each project type. Easy to figure out I’d have thought..?

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