Colours of Change

Back when I was just learning how to crochet, the moss stitch easily became my favourite stitch (both in crochet and knitting).  There were many projects with the moss stitch … an easy and relaxing stitch to get in the rhythm of crocheting.

One of my earlier moss stitch projects was a scarf, and it started out beautiful with the argyle effect.  After I attached the second skein, it didn’t continue the pattern.  I think it’s still tucked away in a storage box of WIPs.

Recently, the crochet moss stitch and planned pooling of colours has risen to the top of the crochet trends.  I had just gotten two hanks of the limited edition colours from Expression Fiber Arts, so I decided that I would try and get the argyle effect this time.

It started off well … there was actually an argyle/tartan effect coming out …

But it didn’t last long … not even when I attached the second hank …

I didn’t mind.  I liked the colours, and the effect.  And the colours were pooling, even if not the way that I wanted or expected it to.

And once it’s wrapped around your neck, it didn’t matter how the colour pooling patterns came out … It still looked good.



I’m hoping this colourway comes out again … I want to make it wider and longer.  Making it longer is no problem, but making it wider will change the patterns a bit … or a lot .. and I don’t want to frog this any more.  So it’s going to sit in my WIP bag until the colourway comes out again.  I can wait …

6 thoughts on “Colours of Change

  1. I think it’s very pretty. I know there is alot of information out there on how to achieve planned pooling effects, but I haven’t had the patience to sit down and count sts for each color. So I admire what other people do with it. I love the texture you got with this. 🙂

  2. Very pretty! I like it. I have never heard of the moss stitch & I have been crocheting some thirty years. I will have to look into it & see how it’s done. blessings, Carol Jeanne from Florida

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