Poncho Capelet


I finally finished the cowl poncho capelet, made with the Caron Cakes in Red Velvet, and got my office colleague to model it … after which she walked off with it!  lol  I thought she might like this.

I fell in love with the Red Velvet colours when I saw the ball of yarn, and it didn’t turn out too bad worked into a project.  As I’ve said before, the Caron Cakes work well with round patterns and designs, and you don’t notice the colour changes too much.

And since this is a new pattern that I’m obsessed with, I’ve already started another one, but this time in thinner yarn.  This one is not draping as much as I want it to.  Maybe it was because the increases were too gradual, so it didn’t drape or make too many folds.  And maybe a bigger size hook would be better.

And as usual, I started off following a pattern, then branched off and tweaked instead.  Maybe I should have stuck with the pattern, because now I think the stitches and pattern are too ‘solid’ – not as lacy (which would help the drapiness and make folds in the cape).


Not too bad for an experiment.  I’m already halfway through the other colourway – Cookies and Cream – so I’ll change the stitches of that one to a more lacy pattern, with a bigger hook, and maybe that one will drape better.

Can’t wait to start the weekend for more experiments!

Good weekend, all!


6 thoughts on “Poncho Capelet

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  2. Haha! I do this with cooking – start with a recipe, follow stroke of inspiration midway, end with a surprise XD The poncho turned out pretty well and, I agree , the colors lend themselves well to the circular pattern.

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