The Original Super Scarf

Found the original  Dr. Who scarf pattern today, as released by BBC, they said  … and if I added up the rows correctly, that’s 814 rows !!   Wait … I’m going to add that up again, just to make sure  … nope, it’s 832 … no wait … 830.  Yes, 830 rows!


I’m calling this the original super scarf – It’s not so wide, but it is super long !

The Dr. Who scarf was always on the to-do list, and I was just going to use any old scraps and left-over yarn.  Some years ago, I saw some posts about others who made the scarf in the same colours as the original.  I didn’t like the original colours – I still don’t.  So I’m still going to use my own colours – but now that BBC has released the original count of rows, then I’ll follow that instead.

How about you?  Are you up to knitting a Dr. Who scarf ?






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