Inspired by Yarn

It’s been a busy fall/autumn season … And there was lots of playing with yarn, but no major item finished … except for this.

The Bouvardia Hooded Jacket (available on Ravelry).  It’s a pattern I saved a couple of years ago, and each time I see it, I want to start making one but then I don’t … except this time, I did.

Maybe it was the yarn – Lion Brand Landscapes in Mountain Range – that inspired me. The yarn colours were the colours of fall, and it was soft and squishy.  Or maybe it’s just my brain saying that it was time to work on something else other than hats, scarves and shawls.  In any case … Something clicked in my brain, and said that it was Sewing 101 after all.  I suddenly pictured in my brain the different parts of the jacket and how they are assembled.  Just like following the sewing patterns …

This is the finished product, hanging on a door.  It’s looking longer than it should be – it reaches my ankles – and that’s because the yarn and pattern stretches.  I also had to fiddle with the pattern a bit – okay, a lot.  It’s a nice and easy pattern – granny stitches – but unfortunately, there were some mistakes and omissions in the pattern, and I had to figure out and fill in the blanks a few times.

See the wavy ends at the bottom?  In the pattern picture, this is showing as straight and rectangular.  I followed the instructions on the pattern, and it came out wavy.  I frogged and started over, and frogged again, making sure to follow the pattern step by step.  It still came out wavy, so I left it like that.  I think it adds a nice touch to it, anyway.

The pattern didn’t say anything about adding buttons, but I added them.  The front was a bit loose, so I added buttons so that I can close the front if I wanted to.

Oh, and the hood!  It’s turned out a bit bigger than it should,  because I miscounted stitches again *sigh*   But it doesn’t look bad, so no frogging needed.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it.  This is my first attempt at ‘big’ clothing items.  And now that my brain has caught on to clothes construction, I’ll be coming out of my comfort zone to try making more jackets and tops.  One more skill to add to the collection!



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