2017 Special Olympics Scarf Project

The 2017 Special Olympics Scarf Project is in full swing.

Actually, we’re nearing the end of the project for some participating states, with about four states holding their winter games soon.  But don’t worry – there’s still another 12 participating states that you can knit and crochet items for.

For a full list of participating states and what they need, go to the 2017 SO Scarf Project page. 

In the meantime, be inspired by the items made by our Facebook and Ravelry group members.


2 thoughts on “2017 Special Olympics Scarf Project

  1. When will colors be announced for 2018? JoAnn’s has some great yarn sales right after Christmas into the New Year. Would love to know what colors to buy?

    • It’s up to the participating states to decide when they want to announce their colours. SO Indiana has said that they will announce in early 2017, but were not specific on dates.
      The SO theme colours are popular – red, white, grey, and black. You will notice that we have about six states this year with color combination variations of these four colours, so I would say it’s safe to buy those colours.
      Thanks for your help and support of the SO Scarf Project.

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