A Wannabe

So … I was browsing through craft blogs, jumping from one to the other to the other.  A few were following the Daily Challenge from Naknicromo on Tumbler to celebrate this crafty month.  Wish I had known about it at the beginning, but since I’m not on those tumbling and tweeting platforms, I had no idea.  Maybe next year … or I can just start it at any time.

Anywhooo … as I was reading the posts and comments and responses, I read a response to a question about other crafts that sort of had me staring at it for a few seconds longer.  I read it again, and again I stared at the response.  What was it that had me staring, open-mouthed at the screen?

Well, the poster said she doesn’t crochet, she can’t get crochet.  Ok, that’s fine.  She prefers the ‘neatness’ of knitting.  That’s ok too, I’ve noticed that too, but you can crochet something neatly too.  It’s got too many holes.  Hmmm … knitting can have many holes too.  It’s a ‘knitting wannabe’.  Huh??

I burst out laughing.  A ‘knitting wannabe’?   So a bunch of people decided that they don’t like or cannot or do not want to knit, so they decided they will invent something else to kind of look like knit?

Not trying to make anything big out of this, but I just thought it was very funny, that somebody should think that way about another craft.  Yeah, they’re entitled to their opinion. But this smacked of knit snob that I hear about every so often.  Never met one in person – yet – but this is the first time I’ve read something which just screamed that to me.  Most knitters that I know and read about are respectful of crochet, or other crafts, even if they don’t know how to work in that craft.  But I thought that remark was a little too dismissive or high-handed.  Guess not all crafters are tolerant of other crafts …

So, now that I’ve got that off my chest … here’s the progress on that Pistachio project.  Finished one cake, so I’m going to start the second panel with the new cake, and leave the third to finish it off.

It’s turned out quite long, as of course, as usual, I didn’t count the beginning chains.  I just measured it against my outstretched arms – yes, a very scientific way of measuring!  It’s about 14 inches in height, so I shouldn’t need much too many rows to get to 18 inches (hopefully).

I just might get this done by the weekend … 🙂







4 thoughts on “A Wannabe

  1. Goodness! That’s like saying card-making is a knock off of origami… Same material; different crafts; different techniques. I sort of gave up on knitting because I prefer the faster results of crochet.
    Lovely project!

    • Yep, just different crafts and techniques but all fiber art. Yes, it takes me forever to finish a knit project, and it can’t be a while before I resume knitting again.
      Thanks for dropping in!

  2. Wow! I never came across anything like this before! I admit when I was younger I didn’t really like the look of crochet, having been a knitter since childhood and not knowing anyone who could hook. I just preferred the finer look of knitted stitches. These days, however, I prefer the versatility of crochet (and the fact that my hands don’t go numb like they do when I knit) and the plethora of stitches and stitch patterns/combinations/techniques available to the craft – I get a bit bored with only knit and purl stitches…

    • lol yes, I know what you mean – I get bored with knit and purl stitches as well 😂 it also takes me forever to finish a knit project, so crochet takes over.
      Thanks for dropping in.

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