Frogging Again

I frogged three projects today.

One, I wasn’t liking how it was turning out. Maybe the yarn was too busy for the pattern, and the random colour changes were not randomly nice enough for my brain. And so, it was frogged.

The second project was of course another shawl. And I liked the pattern. And I liked how the colours were working in the pattern. But I didn’t have enough of the yarn, and I didn’t want a shawlette. And I don’t remember what the brand or colour is, so that I can purchase another skein if needed. But as far as I remember, I only had this one ball of it. Maybe when I sort out the yarn stashed in the boxes and bags, I’ll find another skein of it. But I’m pretty sure that there’s only one. AAarrghhh …. And so I frogged it.

As for the third ball – well, it was a WIP long enough. And while I had big plans for the project, alas, I wasn’t feeling that project again. Maybe because it was a WIP for so long. Or maybe because I had started it when I was just learning and practising stitches and didn’t like how wonky it looked. And so … it was frogged ūüė¶

On the plus side … I have 3 balls of yarn that I can start new projects with ūüôā ūüôā I’m hopeless, I know …


I bought this yarn years ago, and waited too long to use it …

It seems that it’s now been discontinued, because I couldn’t find it anywhere when we went yarn shopping, and neither online¬† ūüė¶

So now I’m rethinking my yarn stash … I really should go through it and take inventory and organize.

Because I’m sure there’s other yarn there that’s probably been discontinued ūüė¶

Unless I find a suitable substitute for this yarn, a bulky wool from Loops and Thread Impeccable, it’ll have to stay as an in-between sized cowl.¬† You know what that is … not long enough to loop around twice, but an awkward size when hanging down from your neck.¬† Oh well …


Fall is Here

It sneaked up on me at 4:02 pm today. ¬†That’s the time I heard in the news, and I had to stop and wonder where summer went.

Interestingly, for the past several weekends I started multiple fall projects, as well as pulled out languishing WIPs to try and finish them. ¬†Or maybe it was the other way around – try to finish languishing WIPs, but ended up starting more projects, so now I’ve actually added to the WIP pile …

Don’t believe me? ¬†Here ….

These are two knit projects from a couple of years ago. ¬†It started out as inspirational projects because I wanted to work with the new yarn. ¬†It turned into practice pieces … and then got left in a bag in a bag in a bag … What to do with this now? ¬†Continue it? ¬†Or frog and start again, because supposedly, I can knit better now and what I make now will look better than these …

And this is kind of a WIP, but a new one that I started … because I think I should finally make something from this gorgeous yarn and colourway. ¬†I’ve started several items with the yarn, and frogged them all. ¬†The yarn is getting a little frayed, so I think I should start a project and stick with that. ¬†This is short rows and mesh stitch practice. ¬†Now that I’ve started this, I’m hoping that I have another skein of the yarn hidden somewhere, so that this can be a decent size when done. ¬†And I’ve lost the label, so I’m not sure where to look for it now …


And this? ¬†I started this the week of the solar eclipse in August, because the colorway was named Moonstone … I know, I know, kind of corny. ¬† *sigh* ¬†Anyway, it’s just going to be a wide and long shawl or wrap. ¬†Just a pattern series of garter stitch and mesh stitch.

And another Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball, in Namaste Neutrals. ¬†Because I liked the glint against the browns. ¬†I’m thinking a capelet would look nice with this.



This was going to be the super-scarf last year. ¬†Remember that trend? ¬†I don’t know if that’s still a trend this year, but I’m determined to finish this year. ¬†But see, I’ve run out of the yarn and I’m only at half the length, so I need to get out and get some more of this. ¬†I’m leaving this out to work on, anyway.


So there you have my fall projects … I’ll keep you posted on the progress …

Have a good weekend, all !


Poncho Capelet


I finally finished the cowl poncho capelet, made with the Caron Cakes in Red Velvet, and got my office colleague to model it … after which she walked off with it! ¬†lol ¬†I thought she might like this.

I fell in love with the Red Velvet colours when I saw the ball of yarn, and it didn’t turn out too bad worked into a project. ¬†As I’ve said before, the Caron Cakes work well with round patterns and designs, and you don’t notice the colour changes too much.

And since this is a new pattern that I’m obsessed with, I’ve already started another one, but this time in thinner yarn. ¬†This one is not draping as much as I want it to. ¬†Maybe it was because the increases were too gradual, so it didn’t drape or make too many folds. ¬†And maybe a bigger size hook would be better.

And as usual, I started off following a pattern, then branched off and tweaked instead. ¬†Maybe I should have stuck with the pattern, because now I think the stitches and pattern are too ‘solid’ – not as lacy (which would help the drapiness and make folds in the cape).


Not too bad for an experiment. ¬†I’m already halfway through the other colourway – Cookies and Cream – so I’ll change the stitches of that one to a more lacy pattern, with a bigger hook, and maybe that one will drape better.

Can’t wait to start the weekend for more experiments!

Good weekend, all!


Colours of Change

Back when I was just learning how to crochet, the moss stitch easily became my favourite stitch (both in crochet and knitting). ¬†There were many projects with the moss stitch … an easy and relaxing stitch to get in the rhythm of crocheting.

One of my earlier moss stitch projects was a scarf, and it started out beautiful with the argyle effect. ¬†After I attached the second skein, it didn’t continue the pattern. ¬†I think it’s still tucked away in a storage box of WIPs.

Recently, the crochet moss stitch and planned pooling of colours has risen to the top of the crochet trends.  I had just gotten two hanks of the limited edition colours from Expression Fiber Arts, so I decided that I would try and get the argyle effect this time.

It started off well … there was actually an argyle/tartan effect coming out …

But it didn’t last long … not even when I attached the second hank …

I didn’t mind. ¬†I liked the colours, and the effect. ¬†And the colours were pooling, even if not the¬†way that I wanted or expected it to.

And once it’s wrapped around your neck, it didn’t matter how the colour pooling patterns came out … It still looked good.



I’m hoping this colourway comes out again … I want to make it wider and longer. ¬†Making it longer is no problem, but making it wider will change the patterns a bit … or a lot .. and I don’t want to frog this any more. ¬†So it’s going to sit in my WIP bag until the colourway comes out again. ¬†I can wait …

Vacation Crocheting

This is what I was working on out on the beach … Surprise! ¬†more beach cover-ups! ¬†lol

Actually, I did work on other stuff, but was still obsessed with beach cover-ups and tunics, etc. ¬†It was so good to just sit and crochet, with minimum interruptions. ¬†I was really enjoying this pattern, and couldn’t wait to see how it turned out. ¬†Again, this was based on a famous Asos tunic pattern (which I hadn’t heard or seen in stores or publications until I was looking for a pattern).

There was a little tweaking on the shoulders and sleeves – those were frogged twice. ¬†The lengths didn’t match ūüôā ¬†The border along the bottom was also frogged, until I liked how it looked. ¬†I still had almost a full ball of yarn, so I thought maybe I should make it longer, then changed my mind again. I figured I would make a long skinny scarf with the remaining ball of yarn to match the top. (It hasn’t happened yet).

And because it finally clicked in my mind how crocheted garments are or can be ¬†constructed, I started another one, with a little variation …

A couple of days after this photo, I frogged this to the neckline.  I found the armholes (those two spaces on the side) to be a bit too big and loose on me.  After adjusting the sizing of the armhole, this turned out to be a sleeveless top, which became a daily favourite of mine while out on the beach or the pool.

And what did I do with the rest of the yarn that I brought with me? ¬†There were some that were not pictured with this photo … I didn’t touch them either, and they remained in the suitcase. ¬†From this pile, I wound up the green/yellow/blue hank while on the plane, and started a blanket (because that’s what the boys said to make, but I’m not so sure again if I will continue with that …) ¬†The grey hank on the right and the purple/blue hank on the left were wound up into balls, with plans to start a capelet with either one to work on during the flight back home … It’s not turning out quite right, so it’s on hold for now …

But with cooler winds coming, my mind is whirring with ideas of what I want to work on next … We’ll see how it goes …


What to Start Next …

The countdown has begun to the start of the summer trip … Thoughts turn to what to pack – yarn, of course! ¬†lol

Whenever I go on a trip, any trip, short or long, my brain thinks that I will have all that time to relax and start on a new project. ¬†Sometimes, I bring a WIP to finish during the trip, but I always need to start on a new project for a trip. ¬†I look back at the finished items and¬†identify the places I’ve traveled to … like the Four Seasons Cowl that I started in the Congo.

So this time is no different. ¬†And because the cold winds are coming back, my potential projects turn to the winter wearables … already?? ¬†I’m not done with summer yet, but I’ll never finish in time to use it for the winter if I start later in the year. ¬†I’ve settled on actually making a hooded¬†cape¬†or a jacket this time. ¬†So here’s my top three patterns – from Red Heart, Lion Brand and Drops.


Which one of these am I actually going to make? ¬†No idea at the moment, because it will depend on the yarn that I have in my stash. ¬†I’ve been good with the yarn budget this year, and there’s been no spending sprees on sales. ¬†Purchases have actually been for projects in mind … hmmmm …

Anyway … all these patterns call for grey or light grey or aran colours …. do ponchos and capes have to be solid neutral colours? ¬†I don’t have that much grey or aran yarn in the stash … A dive into the stash tonight is on the schedule. ¬†I think I have a nice dark blue that I can use instead …