2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: January Deadlines

2014 is here and the Winter Games are coming up !
After the chaos of the holiday season, I started looking through the numbers and yikes!!  The first January deadline is for Wyoming, coming up on 15 January!  That’s two weeks away!  Time to get those hooks and needles busy.

Here’s the list of the January deadlines.  These numbers are from early December, so I’ll hopefully get some updated numbers by next week.  In the meantime, we need all the help we can get to meet these goals, or come close to what they want.  Complete details can be found on this page.

WYOMING Red and Silver – any shade of red and silverColour suggestions:RH Classic Cherry Red (0912)
RH Classic Silver (0142)

RH SS Cherry Red
RH SS Light Grey (0341)

KANSAS RH SS Cherry Red (0319)
RH SS Black (0312)
KENTUCKY RH Soft Off White (4601)
RH Soft True Green (9621)
RH SS Aran (0313)
RH SS Hunter Green (0389)
ARKANSAS RH SS Spring Green and AranORRH SS Cherry Red (0319) and
Grey Heather (0400)
DELAWARE RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black (0312)
RH Soft Cherry Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (9925) and Black (0414)
TEXAS RH SS Cherry Red (0319)
RH SS Black (0312)
INDIANA RH SS Soft Navy (387)
RH SS Cherry Red (319)
RH SS White (311)OR

RH Soft Navy (4004)
RH Soft Really Red (9925)
RH Soft White (4600)


Here are some of what our group on Facebook have made.  Aren’t they great?

Come on over and join us, either on  Facebook or on Ravelry (links at the sidebar).


2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: SO Tennessee is Complete!

Another SO state program has met their goal … SO Tennessee has received over 200 headbands for their 2014 Winter Games! 

Woo-hoo!  Isn’t that great?  Those headbands are looking great! 

Headbands by Ruth Bradshaw Hershey

Headbands by Ruth Bradshaw Hershey


And you know what else is great?  They’ve already decided on the colors for the next Winter Games in 2015.  This time the colors will be Red Heart Super Saver Black 0312 and Bright Yellow 0324.   Plenty of time to start on those next year. 

In the meantime, we have other states still waiting to meet their goals.  Full details can be found here

Thanks for your help and support! 



2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Scarves Are Coming In!

I know that everybody’s busy working on Christmas gifts and WIPs, so I’m glad to see that some SO State Programs have been receiving scarves for the Scarf Project.  Yeah!

KC4-SO 2014

Here’s the latest:

SO Kansas has received 12 scarves;

SO Kentucky has received 32 scarves;

SO South Dakota now has 76 scarves;

SO Tennessee has received 126 headbands;

SO Texas has received 500 scarves;

SO Washington has received 9 scarves.

The latest updates can always be found on this page

And hopefully, once the Christmas chaos is over, we’ll be able to work on the scarves to meet the state program goals!

2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

** Complete information on the information can be found on this page.  **

Update as of 5 November 2013:

SO Oklahoma has decided to withdraw from participation in the 2014 Scarf Project.

I suppose with the deadline looming at 30 December 2013, they didn’t think that the goal would be met.  Or it could be some confusion again about Red Heart concluding the project with Special Olympics last year.  In any case, that’s 1,800 less scarves to make for the 2014 Scarf Project.

red and black2

Scarves made by Barbara M.

If you have already mailed Oklahoma scarves to the address provided, those scarves will be sent on to four other states that have the same colour combination of Red and Black.  These states are Alaska, Delaware, Kansas, Texas.

If you have completed scarves and ready for mailing, please do send it on to one (or all) of the four states.

It is a bit of a disappointment that one of the state programs would pull out now.  Since our group started this last year, my biggest concern at first was that we wouldn’t get enough states to participate, and then when 19 states participated last year, I knew that we wouldn’t meet all their requirements, but we did the best we could.  This year, we had less states participating – and probably because we didn’t meet their goals last year! 😦   But then I thought that was good in a way, because then there’d be more of a possibility that we would meet their goals.

In any case, we’ll just keep on supporting the Scarf Project for as long as any of the state programs wants to continue with it.

As usual, many thanks for you generous crafters out there who donate much of their time and support for the cause.

And please do help in spreading the word about the Scarf Project.  It’s a good cause.

Special Olympics Scarf Project 2014: Alaska

SO Alaska is the latest state to announce their participation and colours for the Scarf Project 2014 – Red and Black.

red and black2

Scarves by Barbara M.

Yarn and colour suggestions:   Red Heart Really Red (9925) and Black (4614); or  Cherry Red (319) and Black (312).

But you can use any red and black yarn as well.  These are also the colours for Delaware, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas.  And don’t worry about making too many – Oklahoma needs 1,812 scarves; Texas needs 3,000 scarves.

Come on over and join us on the Facebook or Ravelry page (links at the sidebar). 


Update 5 November 2013:  SO Oklahoma decided to withdraw from the 2014 Scarf Project.

For a complete list of participating states, click here. 

Special Olympics Scarf Project 2014: Utah


Scarf for SO Arkansas by Lita Dean

Utah is the latest to join in the scarf project.

Colours:  RH Dark Orchid (0776) and RH White (0311)
Goal:       250 scarves
Deadline:  21 February 2014
Send to:   Special Olympics Utah
Attn:  Scarf Project
243 E 400 S. Suite 111
Salt Lake City, UT  84111

Regrettably, more are also deciding not to participate in the project 😦

The latest list of non-participating states are:   Colorado — Michigan — Nebraska — New Jersey — New York — Oregon — Pennsylvania — Vermont — Wisconsin

Do consider making scarves/headbands for the other participating states.

Complete information can be found on the Special Olympics Scarf Project page

Thanks for your support!

Special Olympics Scarf Project 2014: Indiana and South Dakota

Two more states are participating in the scarf project for the 2014 games.




Red Heart Super Saver – 387 Soft Navy
Red Heart Super Saver – 319 Cherry Red
Red Heart Super Saver – 311 White
Red Heart Soft – 4004 Navy
Red Heart Soft – 9925 Really Red
Red Heart Soft – 4600 White

Goal:  1,000 scarves
Deadline:  31 January 2014


Colours:  Blue and Orange
Goal:   800 scarves
Deadline:   20 February 2014

SO South Dakota has chosen the Denver Broncos blue and orange.  So there’s no specific yarn brand; just any brand that closely matches the Denver Broncos colours.  On the Red Heart and Caron websites, the closest colours that I see are RH Navy Blue and Caron Orange.   RH also has a Team Spirit in blue and orange.  orange navy team spirit

Red Heart also has four of this year’s scarf combinations:  Red/White; Red/Grey; Red/Black; Orange/Navy.   They also have a Red/Blue; combine it with a White, which you can use for SO Indiana’s colours.

This brings the total participating states to ten.  yaaayyy!  More states will be joining in the project, once they decide on their colours.

Details can be found on the Special Olympics Scarf Project page.