Revisiting the Bucket List

Several years ago, I made a bucket list of what I wanted to make.  The original post came up as a related post, so I decided to see what I’ve actually done.  I could actually strike some items off the list – wow!

So, revising the bucket list … Here is what was on my original bucket lists, and how I’ve done …

1)  Entrelac – learn how to knit and crochet entrelac correctly – nope, not yet.  I’m still doing the biased basketweave pattern.  Will remain on the list.

2)  Granny Squares with a Zigzag Twist – nope, not yet.  Will remain on the list.

3)  Apache Teardrops – nope.  Having second thoughts on whether I still like this.

4)  A hexagon project – Yes !!!  The African Violets !  I still want to add to it, to make it bigger.


5)  The Cathedral Rose Window Afghan – Stained Glass Afghan – Kaleidoscope Afghan – Nope.  Will remain on the list.

6)  Kitchener stitch and seamless grafting – nope.  I’ve sort of figured out a way to join seamlessly, but this will remain on the list.

7)  A lacy beach coverup – yes !   Here’s the post  and another one, if you want to read all about it.   And one already in progress 🙂

8)  A fine-lace/fingering weight project. Yes!  I’ve worked more and more with fingering weight yarn.  I do have hanks of lace in the stash, but haven’t started anything with that yet.  And while this is not quite a fine lace project, there is ‘lace’ in the title – does that count?  Hawaiian Lace and Busco Gancho Lace 

9)  A Japanese pattern – any pattern.  Nope – will remain on the list.

10)  A woven blanket made with the Cricket loom.  Yes !!  And am planning on starting another one, before I forget how to use the loom and weave.  This 5-panel blanket had me woven out, after I finished working on it.

5-panel blanket

11)  Mandala Crochet Coat – nope.  But will definitely remain on the list, since I’m drawing a lot of mandalas, anyway.  One of those designs will end up as a coat, since I now have the basics on how to crochet a coat or jacket 🙂   Oh yes, although not a mandala, I did crochet two coats last year!  Yaaayyy!!


Not originally on the list, but I added ponchos to my mental list, even though I think at some point I said I wasn’t going to make those.

Surprisingly, I don’t have any new major thing to add … Just more ideas to make the same things with different yarns or patterns, like the coat, beach cover-ups, and woven blankets.

But the year is young … something may come up yet!  🙂

Do you have a crafty bucket list?  How are you doing with it?






All the Colours

I started a fifth panel over the weekend.  The boys said they wanted it wider so that they can wrap themselves around it 🙂 while they roll around on the floor in the living room. And here’s what I came up with for the fifth panel … I added orange …

Panel 5

Don’t know why, but now that I lay it all out side by side, it changed the colour tones of the panels a bit, didn’t it?  I’m sure it’ll all look ‘together’ when I finish joining them together, but when seen separately like this, it looks a little out of place.


And as I brooded over the colours and the placements, I realized something … This is almost the same colours as my Happy Scarf ….

10-ft scarf 2

… and the Tapestry Blanket!


… the Augusta Shawl …

augusta shawl

And the current knitting WIP is along the same colours …


Hmmm … this seems to be my go-to colours!

Or maybe if when in doubt, then throw-in-all-the-colours scheme?  lol




Panel Blanket 

Winter came suddenly, and I realized I didn’t have a blanket in the car for those emergencies when we sit by the roadside waiting for Triple A to come, or for any other emergencies. So I had an idea to weave a blanket for the car, and a way to use up odds and ends. Since I have a 15-inch Cricket loom, I knew I would have to make several panels.

It started with the first panel … I found full skeins of six colours, and decided to start with those. After I finished, I found it too dark …


So then I decided to add more colours, but keeping main colours throughout …

By Panel number three, it was claimed already …


I just finished the fourth panel … The most problematic of them all.  
One selvage came out loose and uneven. I know the tension was off, and had to rewarp twice, and it was still a problem. I kept on, though, adjusting as I went along, and thinking that it can be fixed as I join them together.

I lay them side by side, thinking that it would be wide enough now to start joining, and the borders, would add some width to it.




But the boys said to add a fifth panel, so they can wrap it around them.  So on to a fifth panel.

In the meantime, I’ve been running ideas and options through my mind on how to join them together.  The most common way seems to be to use a serger to sew the edges, so they don’t unravel. I don’t have that, so it’ll have to be by hand, using the mattress stitch, or a figure 8 join.  The selvage on about three sides will need to be fixed, because of the uneven tension, so I was also thinking crochet a border around the panels first, then join. Next,  I feel I should wet-finish it first, then join, then cut. But others have said to join together first, then wet-finish.

So … Let me get this down on paper so I can see the process if it’s right …

1 – crochet a border around;

2 – join panels evenly down the length, either sew or crochet join;

3 – wet-finish;

4 – cut and trim to size;

5 – crochet a border around.

Does that sound right?  Or take out step 1, and just do the next four steps.

Any tips on what the process should be?


Snowed-In Show and Tell

Well … after being cooped up inside because of the Blizzard 2016, I made the most of that time by catching up on projects … starting new ones … or just playing with yarn.

So here’s what I was able to work on this past weekend.

I finished the second panel for the blanket ….
… and started on the third panel.

The second panel came out shorter than the first panel, so there’s going definitely going to be some sewing, cutting and adjustments when putting the panels together.   

And seeing the finished width, before wet-finishing, I think I’m going to need a fourth panel so that it covers at least a single or twin bed.  Maybe a fifth …


The Double-layered Braided Cowl is the latest trend going around the crochet forums.  I had seen the pattern on my newsfeed, and it was the first time that I wanted to pick up hook and yarn and make one right now, instead of just saving the pattern for a later day.  So, after the initial fiddling about, I came up with a cowl, an experimental earwarmer with three braids, and an experimental earwarmer with chunky yarn!  How about that!

Oh, wait … so now I have a set of earwarmer, hat, and neckwarmer/cowl in the same chunky yarn!

I’m adding this in, although I finished this a couple of weeks ago.  The Granny Shrug – I can’t find where I got this from, but if you google the Granny Shrug, you’ll get to the website.  It’s basically a big granny, then fold it in half to form a rectangle.  Then sew about 20 inches of one edge, which will form the sleeves.  I added a cuff to the sleeve, to make it longer.  I ran out of the black yarn, so I added the purple to finish it.  I could have stopped with the black, but then it would reach just by the waist, and I wanted it longish.  On the other hand, making it that big turned out to be a bit over-sized for me – it fits my colleague perfectly, though, as she’s taller and bigger than I am.  So now I want to make a smaller one that will fit me better, but long enough as well.

So that’s my show and tell for the Blizzard projects.

What did you work on?






2016 SO Scarf Project: Working on the Houndstooth

The featured pattern for our group (Knit and Crochet for a Cause) is the houndstooth.

Perfect for practising the weaving pattern on the loom.  And slowly, one by one, I’ve been working on the pattern on the loom.  This is what I have come up with over the summer.


After several scarves in the 2L 2D pattern, I wanted to try working on one with bigger ‘houndsteeth’.  So I tried doubling the colour strands on the warp – the red and white one.  It didn’t work.  It just made it thicker, or denser, but not bigger.  Well, it kind of elongated it too. lol


Then I thought maybe a 4L 4D pattern, with a 2×2 on the weft would make a bigger houndstooth.  It didn’t work either.  Those are the orange/green/purple and black ones.  It sort of looks like a houndstooth, but it isn’t really.

After the fourth time of experimenting with the pattern, I got tired of it and mixed it up now with other combinations.  This blue and white started out with the squares pattern, then evolved into a clasped weft instead.


*sigh* So I’ll continue with my experiments.  I asked in the weaving forums, and it seems that I need another heddle, or two, or three, and pick-up sticks (for a 2-shaft RH) to get the correct houndstooth pattern.  That’s ok … for now, I’ll stick to the 2×2 and practise some more, this time with different colour combinations …


That should keep me busy …

Information on the Special Olympics Scarf Project can be found here.
Join us on Facebook and Ravelry.

Learning the Clasp Weft Technique

Finally … a use for this yarn purchase … bought for National Crochet Month 2014, with thoughts of making something special with it.

But after several starts and stops in both crochet and knit, it wasn’t working up the way I liked, so I put it away.

Now that I have this loom, I now know what to do with all that yarn that I bought and couldn’t find the right project for … warp the loom with it!  So I excitedly warped the loom with a SWTC soysilk in similar colours (reddish-orange and black), left over from the Hawaiian Lace shawl.  I thought that it was a nice coincidence that these colours were so similar … or was it a coincidence?  My eyes are naturally drawn to the same or similar shades, so maybe it was not a coincidence … hmmm … must research this further.   Anyway …

After warping the loom, my brain had a momentary lapse … Instead of learning the lacy patterns, like Brooks Bouquet, or working with pick-up sticks as I had planned when I started warping the loom, what came to mind instead was … clasp weft.  And that’s what I started to do.

And it was coming along nicely, then I noticed that the right side was starting to slant up … which meant that the tension was off, and at some time, the group of ties on the right had somehow loosened.  But I was not going to unravel this and start over, so I went on.


I tried to adjust the tension and not beating so hard, making sure to leave about a quarter inch apart between the rows.  It didn’t always work …


I don’t know if it’s because the yarn is thin and slippery, or I was not being consistent throughout.  By this time, I just want to finish working with the yarn, so I kept on going.  I was enjoying learning the new technique, but not with this yarn.

Hopefully, the gaps will even out after it’s been wet-finished.  And if not, then it’s time well-spent learning the clasp weft …. My mind is already planning the next project with the clasp weft and three to four colours …

National Crochet Month 2015 … or Weaving

So … Can you believe that National Crochet Month came and went, and I didn’t start any major crochet projects, or worked on any crochet projects?  Well, I’ve made a hat or two, but I’m not counting that as major projects.  So maybe it’s good that they call it National Crafting Month now, instead of National Crochet Month … but I don’t recall when that changed from Crochet to Crafting …

What I’ve been working on instead is this … weaving on the loom.

I’m still on a weaving kick, with so many ideas running around my head on the colour combinations, or the patterns, even if it is just going to be plain squares again, and plain weaving.  For about a week, my fingers itched to try weaving with pick-up sticks, and maybe the Leno lace pattern, because I re-discovered the Shalimar Breathless DK and Homage yarn in the stash, and thought that maybe I could make a spring shawl with it … but I hadn’t finished what was on the loom, so I couldn’t start anything new … *sigh*

So the thought that maybe I should get another loom – maybe a 24-inch one this time – has entered my mind.  The 15-inch is a good size to work with, but I’ve also noticed that my finished products come out about an inch narrower, which is sort of an odd size width for me.  Like, it’s too wide for a scarf, but not wide enough for a shawl or a wrap, so I’ll have to make two panels and join together … *sigh*  Like I started this as a baby blanket and planned to make three three-foot panels and join together, but I forgot and warped about six-seven feet instead.  So now, maybe I should cut it into squares, trim the edges with crochet, then join together to make a baby blanket .. except I’m a little hesitant about cutting the finished woven product – will the resulting ends unravel, before I can add the crochet trim?

Since I realized that I can’t start another weaving project until I’ve finished what’s on the loom, then weaving WIPs isn’t possible then, with only one loom to work on.  Maybe that’s a good idea … We don’t want any more WIPs to add to the pile, right?

Anyway … here’s what I worked on during National (not)Crochet Month …