2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project

*** Red Heart and Special Olympics concluded the Scarf Project in 2012.

However, individual state programs may choose to continue the scarf project on their own.

Any updated information that I receive from the individual state programs will be posted on this page.

You are also welcome to join the Facebook and Ravelry group pages for any additional updates, to share your projects, and for crochet and knit camaraderie! ***

2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project


CURRENT:  2017 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Listed below are the states participating in the project. We will add more participating states as soon as they let me know their details.

Scarf guidelines:
** 54-60 inches (including fringe);
** 6-7 inches wide;
** any design or pattern using ALL colours

** 2-3 inches wide
** 19 – 20 inches around the head
** any design or pattern using ALL colours

** 3-5 inches wide
** 19-21 inches around the head
** any design or pattern using ALL colours

** to fit sizes child to adult
** any design or pattern using ALL colours 

** to fit sizes child to adult
** any design or pattern using ALL colours 

Packing: Please wash the scarf/earwarmer before packing in a ziploc bag, for sanitary reasons.

Gift tags/notes: Gift tags and notes to the athletes are appreciated, but are optional.
Do NOT attach to the scarf/item. Insert the gift tag/note inside the ziploc bag.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is the current list of states who are participating in the 2016 Scarf Project.

More states will be added to the list as soon as they let us know of their details. If your state is not on the list, then the state program is either not participating in the project, or has not provided their information yet.

Please do consider making a scarf or two for other states.

Every scarf made for an athlete makes a difference.


(current list as of 2 October 2015 )

** SO Kentucky is not participating this year.

KC4SO 2016-1

2016 KC4SO


90 thoughts on “2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project

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    • Special Olympics of Massachusetts does not participate in the Scarf Project. Our Special Olympics structure is that the state office provides training, resources and leadership support to individual local programs.It coordinates the winter and summer games as well as the qualifying events and invitationals for certain sports and oversees the unified sports programs in the public schools. Local programs conduct all their own fundraising, organizing teams and sports programs, as well as recruiting volunteers. Is it possible that our local program can participate in your scarf project? Our local program is Midstate Sports. We offer candlepin bowling and athletics (track & field), and hopefully this fall we will have flag football and cheering all for athletes ages 8-15. I know our kids would be thrilled to receive scarves and we would make handing them out part of a program-wide recognition event. Please let me know if this is possible. Our program colors are red, white and black. We have boys and girls ages 8-15 and anticipate up to 50 athletes by the end of 2016.

      • Yes, of course, you can participate in the Scarf Project. As far I know, each program can choose whether to participate or not.
        We will be glad to include you to our list.
        Just let me know the details – number needed, address to send the items, and date you would like to get them by.
        Welcome to the Scarf Project!

      • Hello Massachusetts,

        I was reading something online a couple of weeks ago and I thought it said your 2016-17 colors were red/white – which I went ahead with. I can probably add some black somewhere. Probably need to clarify for anyone else that saw it.

        • Hi Stephanie,
          You are right – the colours that they requested for are red and white. Marci confirmed that in her next posting below.
          So no need to add black.

          Thanks for your help and support of the Scarf Project.

    • Our program colors would more accurately be red and white. The black is only used when a logo was not created in white. We prefer to use just red and white.

    • It is great to see the support still out there for this project. It would also be fun to see the different participating SO state organizations keep their totals current as we go. That way it might motivate us to get the last few scarves in! I know the posted totals are all not current since I sent items in to states that have “0” received. When Red Heart was involved we were encouraged to send items to another state if our state had met its quota. Many of us enjoy sending at least an item or two to each state who participates. Having the color choices as early as possible allows us the extra time to do this and take advantage of yarn sales to help defray the cost. I have found it to be a very satisfying way to volunteer from home in my retirement and a great way to personally encourage these participants and volunteers. Keep it up folks and encourage the young people to learn how to knit and crochet- gotta keep it going (:

      • You make good points, and all have been discussed before. Since it’s up to the SO state programs to choose if they want to participate, then it’s also up to them to choose their colours. As you might have seen, some have chosen the same colours, so yes, you can still send in your items to another state who have chosen the same colours. But having different colour combinations also make it interesting, and it’s been fun the last few years. Thanks for your support.

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    • I was wondering if you could update the numbers, if possible?
      I’m just getting started and would like to know how the states are doing.

      • Hello. I haven’t gotten amy recent updates and I’ve been out of the country as well and not kept up with this. The deadlines remain the same, so the December deadlines are done. January, February and March deadlines are what we work on now. Thanks.

        • Congratulations to contributors all over the nation to the 2016 Texas scarf project. 2300 blue and white scarves are boxed and ready to be given to our amazing athletes tomorrow evening at the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Games! You all rock! Thank you so much. Pictures to follow!
          BREAKING NEWS: The colors for the Texas 2017 ‪#‎ScarfProject‬ have officially been announced! They are: cranberry red, ivory white and dark or light grey.

          • Thanks.
            I thought the Opening Ceremony already took place a couple of weeks ago? Their Facebook page has also posted about it. Or perhaps your comment just got posted today. I’ll be posting on the 2017 colours for all the states that have announced colours next month, so it doesn’t confuse others from the 2016 Project, which is still ongoing.

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  8. I’ve completed 5 scarves for Oklahoma, however I would like to crochet for New Mexico since I was a hugger growing up in Roswell. Any suggestions?

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  10. I contacted the North Carolina group, and they’re response was that they don’t have the resources to organize the program. I was told they’d distribute anything that’s made, but they just can’t do this project themselves. I asked if they have a color scheme, and they don’t. Anyone from North Carolina have any suggestions?

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for contacting them.
      That’s great that they’ll accept anything we send them, but there’s a bit more to do than that.
      If you’d like to include North Carolina to the project, we’ll also need a contact point or address to send the items. We could always send it to their NC main office, but will they have the storage space? Did they say anything about that? If they don’t have the resources to organize this project from their end, they may not have resources to see to the storage and distribution as well.
      As for colours, we can use their state colours, or we can use one of the colour combinations from the other participating states.
      Would you be willing to contact them again and ask for the following details: 1) any colour preferences; 2) number of items; 3) deadline to receive items; 4) address and/or a contact person to send the items.
      Let me know what they say, and we can take it from there.

      • Marissa – success for North Carolina – I hope. I’ll post the information below, then you let me know if more info is needed…..

        Colors: red and white
        We can store and distribute up to 1,000 pieces.
        Our deadline is Dec 31 for our 2016 winter sports season so we have time to get them out around the state.

        Keith L. Fishburne, President & CEO
        Special Olympics North Carolina
        2200 Gateway Centre Blvd., Suite 201
        Morrisville, North Carolina 27560
        Office: 919.719.7662, ext. 102
        Email: kfishburne@sonc.net
        Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpecialOlympicsNC

    • Hi Danni,
      Others have written encouraging notes on their tags, or ‘Made with love for you’; ‘Hand made for you;’ ‘Great job’; or something similar.
      If you do send in a gift tag, remember to note down your name and/or email address; some (not all) of the state programs return a thank-you note, and also put you on their mailing list for information on the next year’s scarf project.


  11. I think it is a shame that all states don’t participate. I guess I will have to pick another state and make some scarves for them. Shame on you, Pennsylvania!

  12. I have a scarf ready to go to SO Texas. Do you have an address for them yet? Thanks. Blessings, Carol-Jeanne

  13. My daughter is working on The Presidential Volunter AwRd and would like to participate in your project. She needs to log in hours. What do you suggest for a timing for a scarf and ear warmer? Is there any way to get signed off on this project? Thank you.

    • Hi Valerie. How fast does your daughter knit or crochet?
      On average an ear warmer should take just over an hour.
      A scarf will take much longer so I would say that should take about six to seven hours
      You could use that for logging in the hours, depending on how many items she makes.

      Perhaps she can make an item for each state or several items for one state to show the hours.

      Hope that helps.
      Thanks for your and your daughter’s help and support of the project.
      Thanks ,

  14. Any other states participating? ? The last update was in March. I was wondering if you had heard from New Hampshire.

    • I just sent 8 scarves to Texas, who has their address posted on their web page. Perhaps they will confirm this address to marrissah and also let her know how many more are needed. Overall I have sent in about 30 items this year. It would be great to see updates; which of the states need how many items.

      • Thanks. I’ll drop them a line as well and find out how many they’ve received so far.
        Most of the offices take a break for the summer, but I’m sure we’ll get updates from them soon.

  15. Scarves being made, do they have to be open ended, or could we make infinity scarves? If we can make infinity scarves, what would the specifications be?

    • Hi Danielle,
      Yes, you can make infinity scarves.
      The width will be the same – 6 to 7 inches wide. The length should be long enough to wrap around twice.
      Thanks for your help and support of the Scarf Project.

      • Thanks for the update. I had not thought to make infinity scarves for this project. Just sent a number of scarves to South Dakota – Looking forward to the next update for additional states; status of current projects!!

      • My fiancee was a Director for years and has been involved over the past 30+ years. I shattered an elbow while training in swimming back in the late 70’s. My grandmother taught me how to knit to strengthen my hands and elbow so I could get back into the water.

        That is great info on the Infinity design!! last time I was able to help was with Michelle Kwan in Lake Arrowhead while she was still skating.

        Does anyone have a Manufacture supplying discounts or donating yarn for the SO Teams? I started a charity 4 years ago for the Homeless and ex-offenders making blankets. A lot of my yarn has been donated.

        Please advise, thank you!!

        • Hi. Are you asking about yarn donations for the SO Scarf Project?
          Each state program chooses to participate or not, and individual crafters make the items from their own yarn stash.

  16. Hello, I would love to invite my charity group to help with this cause. We are based in Massachusetts, are they participating this round?

    Maine would be the closest for us, how/where to we send the finished items

  17. Hi, I want to participate in the project again this year and was just told that all items have to be made from 100% acrylic yarn. Is this accurate? I don’t see anything about it on any of the pages I’ve visited so I want to be sure. I made around 50 scarves last year and I’m not sure any of them were 100% acrylic–I don’t want to waste time and money on scarves that can’t be used!

    • Hi,
      You can use any type of yarn, as long as it is in the same colours or similar to those that are requested by the SO program.
      The Red Heart/acrylic yarn is closely associated with the project since they were working together several years ago, and it has kind of stuck since then. It’s also affordable and available to many, so most of the colours are based on those shades.
      But feel free to use any yarn for the project.
      Thanks for your help and support.

    • Hi Nila, SO Arizona did not participate in the Scarf Project the previous times we contacted them. We can always hope for the next year. Please do consider making scarves for the other participating state programs.

          • Hi I have sent hats scarfs. And earmuff. But have not seem up date in amounts needed
            How often do you update.

            • Hi. I update as I receive info from the contacts at the offices. Some offices are usually closed for some weeks during the summer months, so I get back in touch with them by end of summer. Which office did you send items to? I can drop them a line and we’ll see if they’re in. Thanks.

            • Rita blackwood let me know she received hers. I did AR., Ok. SD. TN . Tx. IA. .WY .NB.. thanks for your help.

  18. Oklahoma has changed their colors. I cannot find crimson in red heart. Is there another color of red that would work? Thanks.

    • Changed their colours? They have two colour combinations – Crimson and Aran or Orange and Black. You can make items in either of the two combinations. If you cannot find Crimson, you can use burgundy.

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    • So happy to see the scarf project continuing. It is a great cause and makes so many wonderful people very happy. glad to see Nebraska on board this year.

  20. Re: Oklahoma Special Olympics Office

    I called last week to clarify the Crimson color and was informed that they are not participating in this project – as it has been posted. Before anyone starts making anything, you might want to check with them in case they have not changed their mind.

    • After I sent this message, I went on Ravelry and noticed that there was a miscommunication mentioned among staff there at SOOK and they are in the project! So disregard my message. If questions, a phone # was given: Kate Ray 918-481-1234

  21. I just received a nice letter in today’s mail from SO Iowa. Their colors for SO 2016 are Black & Spring Green. They will accept crocheted & knitted scarves, hats, mittens or “earmuff”/headbands. If you are unable to find Spring Green, any bright, almost neon green will do. Glow Worm green is one they found which is similar.
    Blessings, Carol-Jeanne <

  22. I went to the PO this morning to mail a hat to Maine Special Olympics. I noticed that the receipt said NJ. I asked the postal clerk if that was right & he said I had the wrong zip for Buxton, ME. He corrected it to 04093. Just wanted others to know if sending to Maine to correct the zip from 07093 to 04093.
    Blessings, Carol-Jeanne in Florida

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    • Welcome to the Project!
      SO Texas has not announced their colors yet. I’ll post it here as soon as I get word from them.
      If you’re on Facebook, you’re also welcome to join our group there (Knit and Crochet for a Cause) or on Ravelry (Special Olympics State Scarf Project).

  24. For Tennessee would bright green be lime green? I checked Red Heart but didn’t see bright green. I want to try mittens,:)

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    • Thanks so much for posting this information. This year was the second year I’ve participated in making scarves and have really enjoyed it so I’m anxiously awaiting Indiana’s colors for 2016. However, I’d like to point out that some states (specifically Indiana) may have different preferences for sizes. I know it would be difficult to put all of that information on this site, so please yarn workers check each state’s Special Olympics scarf project site for which you choose to make items to obtain their preferred dimensions. Indiana says they’ll take items that are not their preferred dimensions, but I think it would be better to check out the states preferences.

      • I just checked the Indiana site and their preferences agree with what is published here. I know that last year I saw different dimensions for the scarves but now can’t find that information. So please ignore my original comment. Also, Indiana has chosen their colors. Following is their information:
        In 2016, we hope to receive 400 scarves to give to athletes, volunteers and supporters at the State Winter Games and Polar Plunges.

        In order for the scarves to get to Winter Games, the deadline is Monday, January 4. Please send them to the State Office.

        The official Indiana colors for 2016 are:

        Red Heart- 319 Cherry Red

        Red Heart- 311 White

        We recommend scarves be a 6-inch width and 54-60 inches including fringe in length.

        • Thanks. The dimensions for the scarves are those that were set from the original project, and they are the same for all the participating states.
          I’ve also been in touch with the SO Indiana office, and will post about the 2016 colors soon.

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