2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project

*** Red Heart and Special Olympics concluded the Scarf Project in 2012.

However, individual state programs may choose to continue the scarf project on their own.

Any updated information that I receive from the individual state programs will be posted on this page.

You are also welcome to join the Facebook and Ravelry group pages for any additional updates, to share your projects, and for crochet and knit camaraderie! ***

2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Update 11 March 2015:  The 2015 SO Scarf Project has been completed. 

Please join us for the 2016 SO Scarf Project – click here


Listed below are the states participating in the project. We will add more participating states as soon as they let me know their details.

Scarf guidelines:
** 54-60 inches (including fringe);
** 6-7 inches wide;
** any design or pattern using ALL colours requested

** to fit sizes child to adult 
** any design or pattern using ALL colours requested

** 2-3 inches wide
** 19 – 20 inches around the head
** any design or pattern using ALL colours requested

** 3-5 inches wide
** 19-21 inches around the hear
** any design or pattern using ALL colours requested

Packing: Please wash the scarf/earwarmer before packing in a ziploc bag, for sanitary reasons.

Gift tags/notes: Gift tags and notes to the athletes are appreciated, but are optional.
Do NOT attach to the scarf/item. Insert the gift tag/note inside the ziploc bag.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is the current list of states who are participating in the 2015 Scarf Project.

**** Note:  the 2015 Scarf Project is completed.  ****
Please join us for the 2016 Scarf Project.

More states will be added to the list as soon as they let us know of their details. If your state is not on the list, then the state program is either not participating in the project, or has not provided their information yet.

Please do consider making a scarf or two for other states.

Every scarf made for an athlete makes a difference.


(updated as of 22 January 2015)

Colours:  The State Programs choose the colours for their scarves/items.  The yarn brands indicated below are suggestions only, as they carry the colours requested by the programs.

Yarn brand:  You are free to use any yarn brand you prefer to work with, as long as they are in the requested colours.

2015 KC4SO

KC4-Special Olympics Scarf Project 2015
State Colours Deadline Goal Received Need Send to: Additional notes
IOWA Claret and Aran(suggestions:  RH Claret (0378),
Aran (0313)
1-Nov-2014 600 630 0  COMPLETED Scarf, hat, mittens, earwarmer headbands
TENNESSEE Black and Yellow(suggestions:  RH SS Black.
Bright Yellow
15-Dec-14 200 247 0 COMPLETED Earwarmers only
ARKANSAS Red and White(suggestions:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Soft White (0316)
Caron One-Pound Scarlet (0516) and Soft White (0316)
RH Team Spirit Color 0938 (red and white)
24-Jan-15 1300 1300 0 COMPLETED Earwarmers
NEBRASKA Red and White(suggestions: RH SS Cherry Red (0319); White (0311) 7-Jan-2015 30 30 0 COMPLETED Hats only
DELAWARE Cherry Red, Grey Heather, White(suggestions:
Red Heart: Cherry Red 319
Gray Heather 0400; White 311Red Heart Soft: Cherry Red 5142
Charcoal 9010; White 4600Michael’s Craftsmart: Cherry Red
Gray; WhiteCaron 1-pound: Scarlet 0516
Gray 0505; White 0501
30-Jan-15 100 100 46 COMPLETED MAILING DATES:
November 7 through 15, 2014.
December 5 through 13, 2014
January 2 through 10, 2015.
Final Deadline: January 30, 2015
KANSAS Taupe and Dark Blue(suggestions:  Caron Taupe and Midnight blue) 19-Jan-15 200 138 62 COMPLETED Scarf
WYOMING Mist Green and White(suggestions:  RH Classic Mist Green,  Classic White (0001) 1- Feb-15 250 288 -38 COMPLETED scarf, hats, earwarmers, headbands
KENTUCKY Royal Blue and Yellow(suggestions:  RH Classic Olympic Blue (0849), Classic Yellow (0230)RH SS Royal Blue (0385), Yellow (0324) 16-Jan-15 500 1.069 -569 COMPLETED scarf
MAINE Carrot
Paddy Green
19-Jan-15 500 500 0 COMPLETED  Scarf
Red and White(suggestions:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Soft White (0316)
Caron One-Pound Scarlet (0516) and Soft White (0316)
RH Team Spirit Color 0938 (red and white)
250 250 0 COMPLETED Scarf
INDIANA Royal Blue, Bright Yellow, Hot Red(suggestions:  RH SS Royal  Blue (385), Bright Yellow (324), and
Hot Red (390)
31-Jan-2015 1000 650 350 COMPLETED scarf
Green(any shade or yarn brand)
2 Feb 2015 3000 1,600 1,400 COMPLETED Other drop-off points will be identified later in the year.  Until then, send completed scarves to the address indicated.In the Austin area, you can drop off scarves at ‘The Knitting Nest’
ALASKA Red and Black(suggestions:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black 09-Mar-2015 400 149 251 COMPLETED Scarves, hats, headbands, earwarmers
Lime Green(suggestions:  RH Dark Navy, Lime Green, Spring Green, Limelight
Caron Midnight Blue
16-Feb-2015 750 184 566 COMPLETED Scarves, hats, headbands, earwarmers
SOUTH DAKOTA Red and Gray(suggestions:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319), Grey Heather (0400), Charcoal Grey 10-Mar-2015 800 305 495 COMPLETED scarves, hats, headbands, earwarmers
UTAH Royal Blue and Lime Green(suggestions:  RH SS Royal Blue, Lime Green, Spring Green, Limelight 21-Feb-2015 125 0 125   ON HOLD scarf

83 thoughts on “2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project

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  3. Do you know who I contact at SO MI? I just feel this is so wonderful, what are there reasons for not participating. Thank you so much for you response.

    • The positions vary by SO office. Try the Special Events Coordinator/Director, or the Volunteer Manager.
      If you do get a response from them, appreciate it if you could let me know, so we can add them to the list.
      There are various reasons for not participating – they just don’t want to, or they don’t have the time or resources to work on this, or they feel that the weather during their games is not warm enough for scarves.
      Thanks for any help you can provide.

  4. I always find about this project at the end and don’t get much done. Have you thought about notifying service organizations about helping. I belong to the Moose and we are always looking for community service things to do. Our Vancouver WA chapter has crocheted several dozen of chemotherapy caps and baby in need hats. I know I can get them to participate if we have some time.

    • Hello – not specific service organizations. I was writing to forums and groups mostly, and a lot of the group members on the current Facebook page (Knit and Crochet for a Cause) came over from the the official SO project Facebook page. Word is starting to get out though, so I hope more people join.
      It’s not too late to start on 2016 – five states have already announced their course for the next winter games. I will post about that soon, but if you’re on Facebook or Revelry, you can get the information from there as well.
      Thanks for the visit and the idea. /Marissa

          • I am not sure where to begin so I am asking for any help and info for a Michigan project. Is there one? How do you start one? I think this is a fantastic idea. Thanks

            • Hi Carol,
              Are you asking about making scarves for SO Michigan? SO Michigan has declined to participate in the Project from previous years.
              I usually write to the offices and ask them if they would be interested in participating; some of them decline and a lot don’t respond. I can ask them again about next year’s project – they might reconsider this time.

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  6. I just dropped off the 2 I had done (working on more) and was told the new deadline is Feb. 1st as they “didn’t get enough scarves yet”. Is there an updated count yet on how many they still need? Thanks!

  7. I don’t have Facebook. I checked on Ravelry but the count for Wyoming was 15, and here it is 25 out of 250.
    Is there an updated count yet? Only 13 days to get my scarf done (and another if I have time).

    • I hope to get updated numbers now that all is settling down after the holidays. I would say that you have time to finish your scarves and send it in. Thanks for your help and support of the project!

  8. This is my 3rd year of donating and enjoy it so much! Would you be able to update the state numbers so we can see what states still need?

    • Hi Christina,
      Thanks so much for helping out with this.
      The numbers have just been updated.
      Several states have met their goals, and several more have upcoming deadlines that still need to meet their goals.
      If next week’s deadlines are too soon for you, you still have time to make scarves for those states with deadlines in February and March.
      Thanks for your help and support.

  9. For Wyoming’s scarves: I cannot find the Mist Green by Red Heart. It is a discontinued color. Are there substitute colors instead? I found Honeydew was also a light green.

  10. Marissa, Thank you for your quick reply. My group is meeting on Dec 16th. I will see how many are interested in helping. The deadline is fast approaching. If you are able to let me know where Maine stands with their donations by Tuesday that would be great. Thank you.


  11. I belong to a group of knitters in central CT senior condo complex. We are interested in knitting for the Special Olympics. CT doesn’t seem to be participating. Noticed Maine is and doesn’t have any donations as yet listed on this site. We could help Maine but they don’t list what item they would like. Also any suggested patterns? Please get back too me.
    Leslie Cotton

    • Hi Donna,
      Both dates are correct.
      The December 1st deadline is for the headbands/ear warmers.
      The January deadline is for the scarves.
      I’ll edit the info here.

      • Good to know, I have made some headbands, I will get them in the mail. Thank You
        Also how often are the donstion numbers updated on here? I just found it so am late getting started. When will the colors be up for 2016 to get an early start?

  12. I received an e-mail a few days ago from Oklahoma as follows. Can you update us? Are they on hold?
    Thanks, Carol-Jeanne in Florida

    Dear Carol-Jeanne:
    We currently do not need any scarves and hats, but we thank you for your gracious offer.
    Sincerely, Donna Ham Marketing & Communications Director
    Special Olympics Oklahoma

    • Hi Carol-Jeanne,
      They are not participating in 2015 Scarf Project.

      They agreed to participate in the 2016 Scarf Project, but only if they will get enough for all their participants. I thought I had posted about it; maybe not. I’ll have a look at what I posted before.
      Thanks, Marissa

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  15. Some States don’t specify which item is needed…wanted to help some of them that have no donations…and where could someone find the facebook updates for this project?

    • Hi Katherine,
      If the states don’t specify which items are needed, then it’s only the scarves that they need.
      I will add that to the info sheet, in case anybody else is confused.
      The Facebook link is up on the top of the page, where the intro section is. There is also a Ravelry link.

      Thanks for your help and support.

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  17. I see that Maine has announced their colors.
    The colors are Carrot # 256 Burgundy # 376 Paddy Green # 368.
    Do you know if they want hats also? Thanks.

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  19. I am interested in getting California in on this project. I teach in a high school with an IB program and my students are interested in creating a pattern and getting the community involved in knitting for our athletes. Can you please contact me and tell me how to get this started? Thanks!

  20. Hi my name is Lauren Testoni from Special Olympics Rhode Island. I would love to chat with this blogger regarding a scarf project that we have segued into. Not sure if this is the best way to touch base, but I’ll attach my email to this comment! Thank you!

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    • Hi Anna,
      Apologies for the late response.
      No, CA is not participating. They had previously informed that their winters don’t get cold enough for the athletes to wear scarves, so they declined to participate. Please do consider making scarves for other participating states.

  24. Wyoming and Kansas does not specify if they want scarves or earwarmers /headbands
    Please let me know

    • Hi Kelli,
      Apologies for the late response.
      No, SO Ohio did not withdraw from the project last year.
      I have not heard from them this year – are you talking about their participation this year?

      SO Texas typically has big numbers, as well as SO Washington.
      Thanks for your help and support!

  25. I see Wyoming is listing Caron Pale Green. I’d really like to get the right color, but I don’t find an official “pale green” by Caron. I see a “Limelight” and a “Key Lime.” Any way to know if one of these will be OK?

  26. Thanks Tami. I really appreciate your help. Thanks to marissafh for all you do to make this project successful.

  27. Phyllis Tomassetti Daccordo: I was able to find Mist Green @ Herrschners.com, it’s red heart classic, I hope this helps 🙂

  28. Wyoming picked the colors mist green and white.I cannot find that particular green. I even tried to purchase it on-line. I tried every arts and craft store but no luck. Could you let me know what to do. Thanks

  29. Heads up: I received a thank you card from South Dakota for the scarves I made in the 2014 special olympics and they said the colors for 2015 were cherry red and charcoal grey. I want to share this with everyone. They are very appreciative. So start working on South Dakota.

  30. I’m hoping more states will participate in this wonderful project. It’s the best feeling in the world when you receive a thank you card. I already got a card from Indiana and Utah.

    • Wonderful! Yes, more states will participate in the project, but most of them will announce their participation and colour selection in the late summer. We do have five states that we can start making scarves for, so that’s good. Thanks for your help and support.

      • Heads up!! I received a thank you card from South Dakota and it indicated that their colors would be cherry red and charcoal grey for 2015.
        Start working!!

        • Thanks for the reminder! Yes I did get notice from them too, but forgot to update this page but the Facebook page is already updated. Thanks for your help!

  31. I know with scarves we need to wash them and put in a plastic bag. Should we also do both of these for the ear warmers and head bands??

    • If you have pets or smokers in your house, then I would recommend that we wash the earwarmers and headbands, and then pack them in the ziploc bag. If you have none of those, then just put all the earwarmers and headbands into one bag and send it on. Thanks.

  32. i see tennessee is asking for earwarmers for the 2015 project…can you provide knitting instructions to make them? thanks so much! jeryl ann

  33. My state is not on the list but I want to participate in the project. Once I have finished the items, where do I send them?

    • Hi Charlsie,
      Send the finished item to the State Program office. The address should be on the same list of the participating states.

      Thanks for your help and support!

        • Hi Susan,
          This type of projects are usually in the Special Events/Programs or Public Relations office or similar of the state program.
          If you can get them to join in next year, that would be great. We’re already in the last quarter of this year, and the first deadline is already coming up in November, so we have enough on our hands right now. We would most likely not meet the goals for the state programs if we add another state to the current totals.
          Thanks for any help you can provide!

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