2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

3***  Red Heart and Special Olympics concluded the Scarf Project in 2012.  However, individual state programs may choose to continue the scarf project on their own. 

Any  information that I receive from the individual state programs will be posted on this page

You are also welcome to join the Facebook and Ravelry group pages for any additional updates, to share your projects, and for crochet and knit camaderie!  ***

 The 2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project
is completed.
The 2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project has started.
Please click here for more information. 

Listed below are the states participating in the project.  If your state is not listed, then they are not participating. 

Scarf guidelines:
** 54-60 inches (including fringe);
** 6-7 inches wide;
** any design or pattern using BOTH colours

** 4 inches wide
** 19 – 20 inches around the head
** any design or pattern using BOTH colours

Packing:  Please wash the scarf before packing in a ziploc bag.

Gift tags/notes:  Gift tags and notes to the athletes are appreciated, but optional.
Do NOT attach to the scarf.  Insert the gift tag/note inside the ziploc bag.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

This is the final list of states who are participating in the 2014 Scarf Project.

If you’re looking for a state that is not on the list, then the state program is not participating in the project.

Please do consider making a scarf or two for other states.

Every scarf made for an athlete makes a difference.

(update as of 14 January 2014)
Note:  SO Oklahoma decided not to continue participation in the project



Colours:  Red and Black
Yarn/colour suggestions –

RH Really Red (9925)
RH Black (4614)

RH Cherry Red (319)
RH Black (312)

Goal:  400 items (**scarves, hats, headbands, earwarmers**)
Received:  42
Deadline:  1 March 2014


Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Grey Heather (0400)
RH Spring Green and Aran
Goal:  535 scarves
Received:  402
Deadline:  24 January 2014

 DELAWARE – has reached their goal

Colours:   RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black (0312)
RH Soft Cherry Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (9925) and Black (414)
Goal:  80 scarves
Received:  80
Deadline:  24 January 2014


Colors :
Red Heart Super Saver 387 Soft Navy
Red Heart Super Saver 319 Cherry Red
Red Heart Super Saver 311 White


Red Heart Soft 4004 Navy
Red Heart Soft 9925 Really Red
Red Heart Soft 4600 White
Goal:  1,000 scarves
Received:  700
Deadline: 31 January 2014

IOWA – has reached their goal

Colours:  RH SS Grey Heather (0400) and Dark Orchid (0776)
Goal:  800 – scarves, hats, headbands, ear-muffs
Received:  800+ items
Deadline:  1 November 2013 – or until goal is reached
website:   www.soiowa.org


Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black (0312)
RH Soft Cherry Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (9925) and Black (414)
Goal:  200 scarves
Received:  111
Deadline:  17 January 2014


Colours:  RH Soft Off White (4601) and True Green (9621)
OR    RH SS Aran (0313) and Hunter Green (0389)
Goal:  500 scarves
Received:  905
Deadline:  17 January 2014


Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Grey Heather (0400)
Goal:  350 scarves
Received:  150
Deadline:  1 February 2014


Colours:  Navy Blue and Orange
Goal:   800 scarves
Received:  432
Deadline:   10 March 2014

TENNESSEE – has reached their goal

Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Soft White (0316)
Caron One-Pound Scarlet (0516) and Soft White (0316)
RH Team Spirit Color 0938 (red and white)
Goal:   200 headbands
Received:  200+
Deadline:  15 December 2013


Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black (0312)
Goal:  3,000 scarves
Received:  914
Deadline:  15 January 2014


Colours:  RH Dark Orchid (0776) and RH White (0311)
Goal:       250 scarves
Received:  33
Deadline:  21 February 2014


Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Grey Heather (0400)
Goal:       1,000 scarves
Received:  150
Deadline:  21 February 2014

The scarves will be presented to the athletes at the 2014 Winter Games to be held February 28th to March 2nd.


Colours: any shade of red and silver/light grey
Goal: 250 scarves
Received:  75
Deadline:  15 January 2014




75 thoughts on “2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

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  2. Thank you so much for this information. Are the Special Olympics every year? I will pass this info on to my knitting friends for future reference. We live in CA but might be of help to other states if we have info about deadlines each year, if it is yearly.

    • You’re welcome and thanks for visiting. Yes, the Special Olympics are held every year. It is up to each individual state program if they want to continue the project or not. As long as there are state programs participating, we will be supporting the Scarf Project. By the way, there are two states who have already selected their colours for next year – Arkansas and Tennessee. Check out the 2015 SO Scarf Project page on the tab above. Thanks for your help and support.

  3. I just finished 3 scarves , 2 for Arkansas and 1 for Delaware. It says that the deadline is January 24th. Should I overnight them or is it too late.

    • SO Arkansas didn’t say anything about extending their deadline. If it’s a red and grey scarf, you can always send it to one of the other states with the same colour combination.
      If it’s the spring green and aran, I would say go ahead and send it in. I don’t know when their games take place, but I’m sure they’ll take it with them if it gets there by Monday or Tuesday next week.

      You can send scarves to SO Delaware through 31 January. Their games start first week of February, so your scarf will get to them in good time.

      Thanks for your support.

  4. I just found out about the scarf project for Sp. Olympics. Being I work with Sp Need students and I have a nephew who is severe Sp. Needs this is a cause near and dear to my heart. I live in Alaska and am very happy to see we are listed.
    I am wondering though if cowls or hats might be acceptable as well as scarfs and headbands? These are just a personal preference to make.
    thank you,

  5. I am knitting again for South Dakota. I see that headbands are included this year, and I am making 2 so far, but now I see that maybe South Dakota only wants SCARVES? uh oh. 😦 should I even send these? do they want both…..?? (I am almost finished, and noticed headbands were not listed..wish I would have made note earlier 😦 disappointed.

  6. 20JAN14 Last summer I received an e-mail from someone that Texas was still going to do a “Scarf Project”, so I had that in mind. When I posted on a crochet group site that I was working on the scarf, someone wrote me they thought the Special Olympic Scarf Project was over. Looked up the link to send her for the Texas Scarf Project – and found this. Since I live in OH, and the deadline is February 1, quickly worked on a “red and gray” scarf, since I had the colors. I feel bad because I am sure most people do not know this was continued in some states! Now I also realize I used the wrong color of “gray”. Will send it to OH anyway. Hopefully, the word will get out if the states are going to continue next year!

    • Go ahead and send to Ohio, even if the wrong colour of ‘gray’. Every scarf will make a difference. There are other states with deadlines in mid-February, if you are still inclined to make scarves.
      I’ve been trying to get the word out and posting everywhere about the project, but as I wrote somewhere, since it’s not ‘officially’ publicized by the Special Olympics themselves, it just comes off as a crafting group that is doing this on their own. Hopefully, the participating state programs will ‘advertise’ the project on their own sites for next year’s project.
      Thanks for your help and support!

  7. Do you think Kansas and Kentucky will extend their deadline? Iam almost finished. I want to thank you for involving everyone to participate in this great program. I can’t wait for 2015.

    • You are most welcome, and thank you as well for helping out and supporting this cause.

      SO Kansas will be packing up and leaving on January 22 to go to the winter games. If your scarf gets to their office by January 21, then they’ll take it.

      SO Kentucky hasn’t said anything about extending their deadline. I’ll ask them again tomorrow and will post about it if they do.

      There are two states who have already announced their colors for the 2015 Scarf Project – Arkansas and Tennessee. I’ve started another page for that, so if you want to get started for 2015, there’s something to work on already.

      Thank you again.

  8. I be glad to make a post on my blog to introduce my readers . If you like to write a introduction post with contact addresses, that would be really great.
    i myself never work with Red heart yarn. Will they except others?
    Much love

    • Thanks very much for your support.
      If you can link back to the page on the Scarf Project, then I think that will be enough information for your readers.
      You can use any brand yarn in similar colours to the selections of the state programs. We suggest Red Heart yarn (here in the US) because it is widely available and also affordable.

      Thank you again.

  9. Iam almost finished with Wyoming, but it is due today. Jan 15th.

    Should I mail it anyway? Do you think they will extend the due date? By the way I’m loving this.

    • Oh yes, please do mail it in. They have not said anything about extending the deadline, but I’ll let all know if they do. And thank you so much for your help and support on this project. Hope to see you for next year’s Scarf Project!

    • Hi Phyllis,
      SO Wyoming has extended their deadline through 28 January 2014.
      You have time to make another one and mail it in, if you like!
      Thanks again for your help and support.

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    • These numbers are uptodate as of early this month. I’ll be able to get updated numbers after the holiday season, when everybody has settled down a bit. There is still a need for the scarves, specially for those with the larger numbers.
      Thanks for your help and support.

    • SO Michigan is not participating. Perhaps next year they will decide to participate. There are about 12 other states with deadlines in January and February 2014, so there is still time to make a scarf or two for any state you want to contribute. Thanks for your support.

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    • Hi Melody,
      No, it’s not too late to help.
      Going by numbers, Texas has the largest number required at 3,000 scarves, but I know that state is popular and has a lot of contributors.
      I would say thought that Alaska, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming would be the states with the biggest need.
      You can also choose to work with colours that you like, as each state has a different colour combination. The two most common colour combinations are Cherry Red/Black and Cherry Red/Grey Heather.
      Thanks much for your help and support.

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  14. Oklahoma has discontinued their scarf project (according to their Marketing & Communications Director). I just tried contacting them for an updated count.

    • Oh dear … there seems to be some miscommunication then with my other contact. If that’s the case, then I’ll take Oklahoma off the list. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Hi Meagan. The listed states are the states that are participating in the Scarf Project. If a state is not on the list, then it is not participating. NC declined to participate this year. Please consider making a scarf for another state. Thanks for your support.

  15. is there an update of scarves received or “needed” by each of the states? I don’t seem to see it here… will be sending some out soon if they are still needed. Thanks!

    • Hi Sheila. I update the numbers received as I get them. The most recent are Tennessee, Iowa and Arkansas. So far the others have not received any. Hopefully people will start sending them soon.
      Thanks for your help and support.

    • Hi Melissa. You can get involved with any state. Just pick a state or the colours that you want to work with. Knit or crochet a scarf (or headband) using all the colours that the state has chosen. When completed send it to the address shown.

      Thanks for your help and support.

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  17. I see TN is asking for Headbands. Have you seen a good pattern for (male/female) that would work. Thanks for any help. Darla from TN

    • Hi Darla,

      Just came across this pattern for a headband.

      For male, here’s a pattern by one of the group members on Facebook:
      Row 1: With Color A, ch 14 and dc in fourth ch from hook; dc across (11 dc). Ch 1 and turn.
      Row 2: sc across.
      Row 3: 3 dc then 1 Tr front post around next dc below sc row. Skip one stitch and tr front post around next 2. Go back and tr front post around the skipped stitch. Tr front post around next stitch. Dc in last 3. Ch 1 And turn.
      Row 4: sc across.
      Row 5: dc in next 3 st. Tr front post around next 5 in a row then 3 dc in the last 3 stitches. Turn
      Row 6: sc across.
      Repeat till it measures 19-20″. Attach Color B and sc for trim around.

      Thanks for your help and support.

    • Thank you for pointing out the errors.
      The correct deadline date is 17 January 2014, and the scarves are to be sent to the SO Kentucky office address, which is the correct address as listed.
      The information has been corrected on the page.

  18. Always LOVE doing these scarves… so glad some states have continued the program… and so many crafters are willing to donate!!! Sooo cool! And wonderful to see the faces of these athletes…. Rock On!!

  19. Thanks for the info. But didn’t Arkansas change their colors? I think I remember seeing that they’re now asking for Spring Green and Aran – but maybe are still accepting Red and Grey scarves as well. I sure HOPE that’s right – because I’ve been working on those bright green and aran scarves!

    May I also respectfully suggest that you provide and “As of” date if you do update this post. Probably things are going to be changing (states added/quotas for scarves met) – and it’ll help people figure out if your post or information elsewhere is the most up-to-day.

    THANKS for everything you do!!

    • Hi Kate,
      Green and Aran is good fir this year. They said that they would also accept the red and gray ones.
      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add dates on the page.
      Thanks for your help and support.

    • Sorry, no response from SO Arizona. You may contact them too if you wish. It’s usually the Special Events director or coordinator who take date of this. Thanks for your support.

  20. Have you heard anything from the other New England states yet (ex. Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Mass.)?? Thanks for your help.

  21. HI – Thanks for all the great info in one spot. I am a bit confused about the whole program. I thought Red Heart dropped the project completely? But I see with the states you have listed they are using specific RH yarns. I know Texas is using Black and red, but any color red and black. Are you able to shed any light on this? thanks a lot!!

    • Hi. Yes, Red Heart and SOI discontinued the project. They left it up to the individual state programs to decide if they want to continue the project, so we’ve picked up on it. As you see, not all states are participating.

      I’ve listed the Red Heart colours as a guide – also what is most available and accessible for all. But you can use any yarn brand for the colours.

      Texas – yes, any red and black yarn, from any brand. They’ve actually teamed with Cascade Yarns

      Thanks for your help and support.

    • No, unfortunately they said they would not be participating this year, due to other commitments as well as being under-staffed. Maybe next year. Do consider making scarves for other participating states. Thanks for your help and support.

    • Washington State was contacted but they have not responded. Many state programs also advised that they would decide in late summer or early fall if they would be participating. So perhaps Washington will decide at a later date.

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