2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project Update

Now that summer is winding down, thoughts turn more and more to the cold winds and the cold weather items that we can all start working on, right?  If you’re looking for a quick project to start you on your cold weather knitting and crocheting, check out the Special Olympics Scarf Project.

The newest addition to the Scarf Project is SO North Carolina, who has agreed to participate. Thanks to Karen, from SavvyFrills.com, who contacted them and got all the information.

Here’s the other highlights:

  • SO Alaska announced their colours – Light blue and Buff/Tan.
  • SO Kentucky is not participating this year 😦  They said that they got so many scarves last year, so I suppose they’ll be using those up first.  Hope they’re back next year!
  • Quite a few states have started to receive scarves and other items.  We’re on the way to meeting their goals!
  • One other state may be joining in, but they haven’t confirmed anything yet.  I’ll post again when I get their colours, if they do decide to go ahead with the Project.

Here’s the updated list of the participating states.  The complete information is available on 2016 SO Scarf Project.

Do join in and support the cause!
If you’re on Facebook or Ravelry, check out the groups and join in as well.

2016 KC4SO

2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Three to Go !

We’re on the last leg of the 2015 Scarf Project, with only three more states to meet deadlines.

2015 KC4SO

SO Washington – deadline is next week, 16 February

SO South Dakota – deadline is 9 March

SO Alaska – deadline is 10 March

I’m so happy that we met most of the goals this year, a complete turnaround from last year, when we met only five of the states’ goals.  This year, there were only three states that didn’t meet their desired numbers.  So yes, this year has been successful.

You still have time to make a scarf or two for this year’s three remaining states.  Info and details can be found here, and you’re welcome to join the Facebook and Ravelry groups too.

And if you can’t make it this year, don’t worry … the 2016 Scarf Project has started !!

See you there!

2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Five States to Go !!

I am so excited with this project this year – there’s actually more states who reached their goals this year !!  Woo-hoo !!

Finally, after three years, the SO Scarf Project seems to have taken hold again, and more crafters have joined in.  SO Maine announced late last year, and I only found out by accident, but they didn’t have any trouble reaching their goal.  It really does make a difference if it’s publicized, even in local media.

Anyway … we only have five states remaining with upcoming deadlines to meet.  SO Texas, as usual with the biggest number requested, will probably get an avalanche towards the end of the month, and will hopefully get close to their goal.  The other four states look to be in good shape to reach their numbers too, with three-four weeks left to their deadlines.  By the way, hats, headbands and earwarmers also make a difference in meeting the numbers – these are such quick and portable projects (hint hint to any SO state offices reading this :))2015 KC4SO

KC4C Feb 2015 deadlines

There’s still time to send in items for the five remaining states.  You can also join us on Facebook and Ravelry (see links to the right).

And … we already have four states announcing colours for the 2016 Scarf Project!  So come on over and join in the fun !

2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Deadlines Are Creeping Up !

The January deadlines for the Scarf Project are upon us.

There’s a flurry of activity to start sending in all those items, so that the state programs can get an accurate count of their items for the Scarf Project.  The numbers look good for a lot of them.  I do believe that more states will meet their goals this year.  Yaaayyy!!

Here’s the summary:

– Iowa – completed

– Arkansas – headbands; completed.
Scarves – 25 more needed; deadline 24 January 2015

– Nebraska – completed

– Tennessee – completed

– Delaware – 46 more scarves need; deadline – 30 January 2015

– Texas – 1,800 more items to go – deadline:  30 January 2015

– Kansas – deadline:  19 January 2015

– Kentucky – 450 more scarves to go; deadline – 16 January 2015

– Maine – 100 more scarves needed;  deadline – 19 January 2015

– Indiana – 450 more scarves needed; deadline – 31 January 2015

I haven’t heard if any of these states are extending their deadlines.  In any case, most of them hold their winter games in January and early February, so it is most probable that they will keep the deadlines.

Not too far off in the future are the February deadlines.  A little more time to work on them, but those dates sure creep up fast!

– Wyoming – 32 more items needed; deadline – 1 February 2015

– Alaska – 370 more scarves needed; deadline 15 February 2015

– Washington – 735 more items needed; deadline 16 February 2015

– South Dakota – 400 more items needed; deadline 20 February 2015

As with previous years, there’s an avalanche of packages that are received at the state program office closer to the deadline date, which will push these numbers up closer to their goal.  As of this posting, I know that many more are mailing in their items.  If you do have completed items for the Scarf Project, please do start sending them in, so that they can get an accurate count of what they have.

More information and details can always be found here.  If you’re on Facebook or Ravelry, you can also get updated information on there.  Click on the links at the right hand side to take you to those groups.

Thanks for all your help and support!

2015 KC4SO

Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project Heats Up

The end-of-year festivities and deadlines are coming up soon.  The Special Olympics Scarf Project is heating up, in between the holiday crafting.  Here’s the latest update on the project.

*  SO Iowa is the first state to reach its goal.  They received 630 items, more than they requested for.  If you have completed items for SO Iowa, please don’t send them in.  You can donate it to another charity of your choice.
Or, you can hold on to it and send it in for SO Oklahoma 2016.  Their colours are crimson and white/aran.  The claret is a close match – a little darker, maybe, but mixed up with all the others, I don’t think it’ll be noticeable.

*  SO Arkansas needs 455 more headbands/earwarmers by 1 December 2014.  They’re up to 845, as of the last update.

* SO Tennessee needs 72 more headbands/earwarmers by 15 December 2014.  They’re up to 128 as of the last update.

*  SO Kansas is now accepting hats/beanies.

*  SO Texas is now accepting hats/headbands/earwarmers.

*  SO Utah is still on hold; they will probably announce by late December 2014 if they’re continuing with this or not.

Updated information on the SO 2015 Scarf Project can be found here.

2015 KC4SO

And to help inspire you, here’s what the talented and creative crafters have been making for the Scarf Project.  Come on over and join us; the fun is just beginning.


2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: SO Maine

Thanks to Carol-Jeanne who alerted me that SO Maine had chosen their colours for the 2015 Games.

SO Maine’s colours are Burgundy, Carrot, and Paddy Green.
I’m liking this colour combination – well, maybe the orange isn’t bright enough for me, but it still looks good together.

Here’s the updated scarf colour scarves.  Now that we have a few completed items, it’s looking colourful, isn’t it?  Oh, and I decided that our group should have a featured pattern for the scarves and items, so that it’ll be easy to spot them in group photos.  This year, I thought the Chevron pattern (or zig-zags or waves) would be our featured pattern, so you’ll see that in three photos below.

2015 KC4SO
Now it’s got me thinking maybe I should check all the other state program websites, in case they too decided to continue with the Scarf Project and announced colours. I had stopped checking and asking at the end of summer, because that would leave only three months for the crafters to meet the numbers, what with the end-of-year holidays and gift-crafting now gearing up. Anyway, if there are any more states joining in, we’ll do the best we can.

Come on over and join us.  The more hands we have making scarves, the sooner the state programs will reach their numbers.  Details and more information on the 2015 Scarf Project can be found here.  We also have a Facebook (Knit and Crochet for a Cause) and Ravelry (Special Olympics Scarf Project) page, where you can join in the conversation with other crafters.  See you there!

2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: SO Alaska

SO Alaska is the latest state program to join the Scarf Project. That brings us to a total of 14 participating states for the 2015 Scarf Project !

Their chosen colours are the same as last year’s – red and black.  So if you didn’t have time to send in your scarves from last year and you still have them, now’s your chance to send them on to them!  lol  This year too, they are also asking for hats, headbands and earwarmers in addition to the scarves.  Apparently they were popular with the athletes last year.   I think that’s great!  These are small, quick projects, and will help meet the requested numbers faster!

The latest information and details on this Scarf Project can be found here.   I update this page as I get the information from various sources.

red and black2

Scarf by Barbara M

I think this will be the final list.  I don’t think that if any other state programs decide to join now that we would be able to get a good amount of items done for them.  We already have 9,505 items to make, and the first possible deadline is coming up 1 November (SO Iowa).  That will be extended if they don’t get enough items by then.

2015 KC4SO

You’re welcome to come over and join us.  There’s also groups on Facebook or Ravelry (links on the sidebar) working on this.  I’m sure you can find a colour combination that you like to work with.  🙂