2017 SO Scarf Project: The Last Four

And suddenly, we’re down to the last four states in the last two weeks of the 2017 Special Olympics Scarf Project.

Alaska, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Washington.

All have deadlines at the end of the month.

If you are able to – and can knit or crochet fast ūüôā – there’s still time to whip up a scarf or earwarmer and send it on to them.

Complete info can be found on this 2017 SO Scarf Project.

Thanks to all who helped and supported this cause.



Special Olympics 2016 Scarf Project: Five States Announce Colours!

We’re winding down with the last five states to finish off the 2015 SO Scarf Project, and we already have five states ready for the 2016 project!

Isn’t that great? ¬†Everybody can get a headstart on this, which is good. ¬†I always get nervous when January comes along, since most of the deadlines fall during that month. ¬†But this year looks good that all states will meet their goals, so I’m optimistic for next year as well.

The five states we can start on are: ¬†Arkansas, Delaware, Maine, Oklahoma and Tennessee. ¬†SO Delaware just announced their colors, so I’m adding it to the list, even though it’s not on the photo collection.


SO Arkansas Р1,300 headbands/earwarmers; 300 scarves Рcolors:  Heather Grey and White

SO Delaware – 200 scarves; colors – Grey and Black

SO Maine – 500 *scarf, hat, headband/earwarmer*; colors – Red and White

SO Oklahoma – 2,300 *scarf, hat, headband/earwarmer*; colors – Orange and Black – OR – Crimson and White

SO Tennessee – 200 mittens (the main item are mittens, but if you’re not comfortable making mittens, then they will also accept make scarf, hat, headband/earwarmer); colors – Bright Green and Bright Orange

10929149_798560700180665_637978018856321421_nAnd there you have the first five states and their colors.

You’re welcome to come over to the Facebook or Revelry groups (links are on the right bar) and join the other crafters with this Project.