Hawaiian Flowers

I thought it was about time I started on some baby shower gifts.  I have two to attend in May, and I didn’t want to be finishing it up on the night before, like some recent ones in the past.  I had picked up some yummy Candy Baby from Bernat Baby Coordinates, and had been itching to start working with it.  I tried out some pattern swatches with it, but didn’t like it, so I frogged them and put the yarn away.

Last night, in the middle of another cold, arctic freeze, my brain put two and two together.  I’ve been wanting to try out the pattern Hawaiian Flowers by Sarah London for a while.  The colours in the yummy Candy Baby yarn reminds me more of flowers than candy.  My cousin, who is one of those expecting, used to live in Hawaii.  Ta-dah!  Perfect!

So late last night, I made two of the flowers, and decided that I would join as a I go.  Wasn’t sure I wanted to be joining all those squares with one or two single crochets, and then have a million ends to weave in.  This is what it looked like this morning.


It wasn’t looking too bad.  Since the yarn was already variegated, I didn’t exactly follow the pattern with all the yarn changes.  But looking at it and imagining it completed, the riot of colours started swimming in my eyes.  I started thinking about a contrast colour on the last row instead.

So I made up another pair, this time with some variegated pink that I found in the stash.


Not looking bad either.  Since it wasn’t pure white, it didn’t quite make the colours pop.  It gave the flowers a subtle outline instead. Hmmmm … that might work.


I joined it to the two others to see the overall effect, and made two more.  Don’t know why I did that, because now if I want to frog the two made completely in variegated yarn, I would have to frog all.

And then I got some more suggestions of contrast colours – black, one of the other colours in the yarn, a complimentary colour, green … So what I’m doing now is just making the flowers, without the last row for now, until I decide on what colour I want to do the contrast colour in.  I suspect that I will be buying more Bernat Candy Baby.  I have one more baby layette to make, anyway, so I can play with all the contrast colours and put them together.  


Inspiration Hits after Midnight

Feeling restless the other night, instead of going to bed and trying to sleep, I picked up hook and yarn and started crocheting a baby blanket that was supposed to have been done for a baby shower in the spring, but now will have to be a Christmas gift!  Or any other day gift 🙂   So now, I have another WIP to add to the pile!

The good thing is I finally started this; the bad thing is I (still) didn’t get enough sleep … oh well.


Watching television, I came across this interview of Tim Allen, and my eyes focused on the hat he was wearing.


My boys probably thought me crazy, taking pictures of the tv screen.  This is a straw hat, but I’m sure this can re-created as a crocheted hat.


Here’s what the top looks like.  I definitely think this hat is doable in tapestry crochet.   Something else to add to the list.


What do you think?

Purple Stitch Project (PSP)

Here’s a new craft cause to join.

Purple Stitch Project (PSP) s a charitable organization to benefit babies, children and teens with epilepsy, and to raise awareness about epilepsy. It was founded by designer, author, and on-air personality, Vickie Howell, who is also the the spokesperson for the yarn company, Caron International. Their theme color is purple – any shade of purple.
They have partnered with Craftsy, for free patterns for scarves, beanies, wrists, blankets, plashes, and other items to sew, knit or crochet for children with epilepsy.
If you’re a designer, you can also donate a pattern to the project.

More information can be found on their website.

I don’t know anybody with epilepsy, but purple has been a favorite color of my sister’s and I. And crafting for children is as good a reason as any to play with yarn, don’t you think?uUzdXGxX;

Yellow Baby Ripple Blanket

While rearranging the linen closet (again!), I came across this.  

This was my first try at a granny ripple pattern, many years ago.  Since I already had the yarn (in nice, bright, primary colours) I thought it would make a good blanket for my son, who was a toddler at that time.

Since then, I haven’t been able to make another ripple project which turned out right.  I should give the ripples another try.  Hopefully I know enough about crocheting now to get it right. 

Come to think of it, I have completed many projects where my first attempts at learning and working on a new pattern has produced the best outcome.  When I attempt the same pattern a second time, something goes wrong, and I’m frogging and unraveling and starting over several times.

I thought it was supposed to be the other way around … you know, the more times you practise the same thing, the better you get?  lol … If my first try is always the best, then maybe I should just make one of everything.  Oh!  in that case, that means I’ll be able to go through my collection of patterns and work on all of them!  Might not be a bad idea, after all!

From The Middle

Another baby layette completed. 

The pattern is from Bernat, titled ‘From the Middle Baby Blanket’, and it’s free.  It’s a nice and easy pattern, and with the bulky yarn, it worked up quickly.   I had already started one in different colors, then started this for a baby boy due later this month.  

I think next time, I’ll start with the baby booties, so I have time to make extras then pair up the same-sized ones.  I’m still not getting the same size from one bootie to the next, so with these ones, I just kept unraveling and starting over until they were the same size.  Well, almost.  It looks like two right booties to me. 






How I Get in Trouble

This is how I get in trouble.

A deal on Craftsy … and a purchase of samples …. My hands itch to try out the yarn, and with a four-hour drive (round-trip) to my son’s game this weekend, I took that opportunity of (almost) uninterrupted time to start a project.  I’m trying that bias-basketweave pattern again, that makes it look like entrelac.  Don’t quite know the proper name for it.  The pattern that I copied it from is titled ‘Not Entirely Entrelac’ scarf, but I find it awkward, for some reason.  This is how much I did, during the trip.

The baby yarn that I found in my stash a couple of weeks ago … has now turned to this.  Bernat’s ‘From the Middle’ baby blanket.  With the yarn I’m using, it’s working up fast and the pattern is taking shape nicely.  I like the 3-D effect of the panels.


You know that sentence on the yarn labels about purchasing enough yarn to finish your project?  Well, this is what happens when you don’t purchase enough yarn.  You finish an item, to find that it needs another skein or two, to make it look complete.  But since the manufacturer has discontinued the yarn, and you can’t find it again, then the yarn is recycled into something else.  This is what has happened to this project.    I think it’s time to revive this again.

I can’t let that yarn with those great colors just sit around, can I?






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Spring Brings New LIfe …

Spring brings new life … flowers, gardens, trees … and babies.

Suddenly I have two more baby showers coming up in two to three months.  I had just finished a baby layette for a cousin last month, and thought I could work on some other projects.  But with a friend and another cousin expecting, I’ll have to continue with baby stuff 🙂  Luckily I was already working on baby blankets on and off the past several months, so I’m only in a half-panic, instead of full panic.

Here’s one for a boy …. 

… and one for a girl.

This one is going to end up for a toddler, by the time I’m done with it.

And I found more baby yarn colors in my stash!!  
ayyaayy … now I want to start on this yarn as well, but I think I better finish up the other three first.

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