Yellow Baby Ripple Blanket

While rearranging the linen closet (again!), I came across this.  

This was my first try at a granny ripple pattern, many years ago.  Since I already had the yarn (in nice, bright, primary colours) I thought it would make a good blanket for my son, who was a toddler at that time.

Since then, I haven’t been able to make another ripple project which turned out right.  I should give the ripples another try.  Hopefully I know enough about crocheting now to get it right. 

Come to think of it, I have completed many projects where my first attempts at learning and working on a new pattern has produced the best outcome.  When I attempt the same pattern a second time, something goes wrong, and I’m frogging and unraveling and starting over several times.

I thought it was supposed to be the other way around … you know, the more times you practise the same thing, the better you get?  lol … If my first try is always the best, then maybe I should just make one of everything.  Oh!  in that case, that means I’ll be able to go through my collection of patterns and work on all of them!  Might not be a bad idea, after all!

From The Middle

Another baby layette completed. 

The pattern is from Bernat, titled ‘From the Middle Baby Blanket’, and it’s free.  It’s a nice and easy pattern, and with the bulky yarn, it worked up quickly.   I had already started one in different colors, then started this for a baby boy due later this month.  

I think next time, I’ll start with the baby booties, so I have time to make extras then pair up the same-sized ones.  I’m still not getting the same size from one bootie to the next, so with these ones, I just kept unraveling and starting over until they were the same size.  Well, almost.  It looks like two right booties to me. 






How I Get in Trouble

This is how I get in trouble.

A deal on Craftsy … and a purchase of samples …. My hands itch to try out the yarn, and with a four-hour drive (round-trip) to my son’s game this weekend, I took that opportunity of (almost) uninterrupted time to start a project.  I’m trying that bias-basketweave pattern again, that makes it look like entrelac.  Don’t quite know the proper name for it.  The pattern that I copied it from is titled ‘Not Entirely Entrelac’ scarf, but I find it awkward, for some reason.  This is how much I did, during the trip.

The baby yarn that I found in my stash a couple of weeks ago … has now turned to this.  Bernat’s ‘From the Middle’ baby blanket.  With the yarn I’m using, it’s working up fast and the pattern is taking shape nicely.  I like the 3-D effect of the panels.


You know that sentence on the yarn labels about purchasing enough yarn to finish your project?  Well, this is what happens when you don’t purchase enough yarn.  You finish an item, to find that it needs another skein or two, to make it look complete.  But since the manufacturer has discontinued the yarn, and you can’t find it again, then the yarn is recycled into something else.  This is what has happened to this project.    I think it’s time to revive this again.

I can’t let that yarn with those great colors just sit around, can I?






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